View Full Version : Reducing time of full 3d match?

24-11-2009, 18:40
Hi Guys,
I wanted to know, if there is a possibility, to reduce the time of a full 3d match.
I know I can change the speed of the game, but it takes still to long, to watch the full game.
I really like the 3d game in FM10 but its ridiculous to watch a game taking nearly 20 minutes.
Would take years, to finish a season.
In fifa manager, you had the possibility, to change the config files of the game and you could settle it like FIFA that one half takes 4,6,8 minutes.
I hope you guys can help me
have a nice day

24-11-2009, 18:42
Not that I am aware of, but you can make it display only the key moments of the game, so you aren't watching the full 90 minutes.

24-11-2009, 19:24
mate, I am aware of that function, but as I wrote above, I would like to watch the whole game, but 20 minutes are a little bit too long.
Would be nice if some other could help me.
But still thx for responsing mate