View Full Version : How do players improve!!!!

24-11-2009, 17:42
hi i have started a save with arsenal and creating a whole under 18 first team.

is it training that improves players overtime, as well as tutoring, or say if i played them every game would they improve more, whereas say i left them on the bench for the whole season!!!!


24-11-2009, 17:56
Its more or less a combination of what you've said. Introduce teenage players to the first team gradually if you feel they're ready with occasional sub appearances and the odd 90 minutes against weaker opposition.

Tutoring helps mental attributes, helps gain PPM's and ideally and theoretically makes the player more professional (if you give him a suitable tutor of course). Training plays a part of course, as do the quality of your youth & training facilities and the quality of your coaches.

Loaning youth players can have a positive affect but I only tend to loan players to clubs in leagues I have on full detail and to clubs I know that can offer the player first team football on a fairly regular basis.