View Full Version : Best FM for Network Journeyman Games...

24-11-2009, 17:01
...Is obviously FM07.

Me and my friend have tried five different FM's (06, 07, 08, 09, 10) with the following conditions:
* Everything loaded (all players from all countries selected, all possible leagues playable and large/huge(where a such was selectable) database)
* Starting unemployed

Well, anyways...

FM06: Ran out of memory constantly less than two seasons into the game. Became unplayable.
FM08: Ran out of memory on random and bugged out on "Declare interest in job" as well as crashing on random when entering Overview/Job Screen when unemployed. Unplayable in the long run.
FM09: Massive slowdowns between November-May every year which was never fixed. Completely unplayable on network under those conditions.
FM10: Regularly running out of memory due to some reasons (for further info on that, check the Memory Leak thread in Bugs -> Technical Issues). Crashes frequently when clicking the Tactics-screen. The way too realistic tactics and the incredible time non-tactic-geniuses have to put in to make tactics work is a big minus too. Unplayable until a patch is released to fix those things.

The only version that's working without any problems on network game is FM07. So a suggestion for everyone that wanna play network games with much stuff loaded... Play FM07. Most enjoyable without any competition at all.