View Full Version : Brazilian Third Division

24-11-2009, 16:23
I have just loaded a new game and every team in the Brazilian third division has no manager. Is this a bug or in there for a reason as surely they must have managers?

24-11-2009, 17:51
Are you sure? I've got all brazilian leagues loaded as playable and I can assure you all 3rd division teams have managers.

24-11-2009, 18:28
yeh on the job security screen there were about 10 or more from the third division with available next to them. they have now since been filled apart fom a few however

24-11-2009, 18:33
There are 128 teams competing in the brazilian third division!

24-11-2009, 20:35
Brazilian 3rd Div.... *shudders*

128 teams competing for about 3 promotion spots, pretty intense.

24-11-2009, 20:36
Four promotion spots.

Mr Sandman
24-11-2009, 20:58
it is a wonderful game to play the Brazilian third division 'save'