View Full Version : Micro management.

24-11-2009, 15:46
Well, after alot of experimenting i have come to the conclusion that if you dont watch at least 70% of every match, you can be severely punished for it. Gone are the days of plug and play tactics. This is a big mistake on behalf of SI as they could lose an awful lot of casual players, in my humble opinion.

Even though the amount of whinging on these boards has bugged me, i can safely say that i can understand some of there frustrations. Guys, it really is your tactics, but it's not your fault as alot of people here haven't done there fifa coaching badges and there not coaching gods. YOU CANT SKIP THROUGH GAMES ANYMORE, you must watch for subtle changes which is why i am sure alot of people are now struggling.

People want simulation, but theres a fine line between simulation and having some fun thrown in as well. SI have not got the balance quite right.

For the record, i enjoy 'some' of the micro management side of things, but i dont want to watch a player walking (yes walking) to the edge of the area, to then pick up the ball and walk back to the corner flag so he can then take a corner, or a player walking back to pick the ball up, to kick back to the goalkeeper, to take a goal kick...etc etc.