View Full Version : Parachute Payment

24-11-2009, 10:31
im currently playing as hull, its not looking too good, if i get relegated(or when im relegated), do i recieve parachute payments in championship as irl ????

24-11-2009, 10:59
I believe you do but only the first time you are relegated(?)

Don't hold me to that, I just seem to recall reading it on here before.

FlUoReScEnT aDoLeScEnT
24-11-2009, 11:12
Yes i do believe you get it, but as Forbie said before it is only for the first relegation so if your a yo-yo team then your finances can be ruined after 2 or 3 seasons of said 'yo-yoing'.

24-11-2009, 14:36
Well as a yo-yo,you should still get it and it should be programed in the game