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24-11-2009, 09:41

Anyone got any problems with their ass man telling them in his match report that 'player x' is having trouble motivating himself to play for you because of personal issues? Is it something i've done wrong? Obviously my logical answer to that is yes but i can't fathom what the problem is... The players in questions have superb morale, no isues of even slight or serious and i'm struggling to understand what the problem is - anyone any ideas - do you see this too?

I've seen similar things when being a new manager with big players who 'hope the clubs progress won't be hindered by the managers lack of experience' but this isn't the case here...


24-11-2009, 10:42
Playing as Man C, I get told every game that Robinho has trouble motivating himself to play for me (that's all I get though, nothing about personal issues).

I have 'cheated' slightly and put myslef in as an ex-international player, as otherwise managing in the Prem is too hard with no reputation.

Also Robinho can;t motivate himself to play with either Barry or SWP as captain.

No idea what to do...

24-11-2009, 10:47
I have 'cheated' slightly and put myslef in as an ex-international player, as otherwise managing in the Prem is too hard with no reputation.

That's rubbish, I manage very capably to mangage in the PL set on automatic reputation.

24-11-2009, 11:19
That's rubbish, I manage very capably to mangage in the PL set on automatic reputation.

automatic reputation and no reputation is completely 2 different thing, cant you seE?

24-11-2009, 11:22
btw, if the player have motivation problems playing for you, it means he dislikes you

anyone got any idea how to make him likes me back fast? :p

24-11-2009, 11:26
I've got that with one of my keepers, he finds it hard to motivate himself for me because of my low reputation (Regional in League 2 after 2 successive promotions) and also because of personal reasons.
When I can afford and find a suitable replacement I'll get rid of him.

24-11-2009, 11:29
If you get that message, you're actually dislike by that player. Fire up FMRTE if you want to and look up that player's relations, you'll see he has a "dislikes person" with your name on it and a number of points. It can be because you upset him with team talks, giving harsh criticism in the press which he doesn't agree with, fining him when he doesn't think he deserves it and even praising him too much I think. If you want to get him to like you again, you'll have to treat him better.

The easiest way to keep a happy squad is save right after a game and give everyone with good form some praise. For example everyone with 7.10 or up "acceptable" comment, 7.30 and up "pleased" and 7.80 and up "delighted". Experiment a bit with it and check all their reactions. If someone thinks you're praising him too much or too little, reload and change your comment for that player. Do this often with a player who dislikes you and he'll start to like you. You can get onto everyone's "favoured personel" list this way. :) I wouldn't consider it cheating as the player interaction side of this game is a bit random and yet has a major impact. So it's not really fair anyway.

25-11-2009, 10:10
Hmm... intriguing that the player can't motivate himself becuase he doesn't like me - why doesn't it say that anywhere? I have seen before in a players personal tab that he 'dislikes you' or has personal problems but that isn't the case here.

It did get even worse yesterday when playing as it grew from just 'struggling to motivate because of personal issues' to 'struggling to motivate because of your (my) low standing in the game' - even more bizarre as my reputation is now world class... Is this maybe something to do with the actual hidden values for reputation? Maybe theirs is higher than mine - are staff and player reputations calculated in the same way? I find it strange that other players in my team i would consider as bigger names and better players don't have the same problem - but then i suppose mental stats could also play their part here...?!

Anyway, last thing i did before turning off last night was criticise one of the two problem players for poor performances - something i normally never do - and lo and behold he admits his poor form, next game hits two goals and the ass man reports nothing about any problems with motivation...!

25-11-2009, 10:41
Try making him a reserve and put him on the transfer market, his happiness should turn to "determined to prove himself". Leave it there for a while and check if he still hates your guts.