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23-11-2009, 17:35


History prior to 2009. (http://i984.photobucket.com/albums/ae325/The1Mister/SC%20Preussen%20Munster/1.jpg)

FM10.1, see post 3 for edits.

23-11-2009, 17:35

Division 4 - 6th
German Cup - 2nd round
German Challenge Cup - 1st round

23-11-2009, 17:35
I've got the top divisions in ITA, FRA, ENG and SPA as playable leagues, and I've got players from another 48 nations retained - 20 top divisions from major European countries and BRA and ARG; and 28 from the top clubs from the rest of the world (AFR, ASI, AME, and smaller Euro nations). I hope this will provide the players required for a long term save, without impacting too much on processing. I've created a new German league set-up with 4 divisions, a cup, and a challenge cup for the bottom 2 divisions. Why? Because I don't like all the 'II' teams in their system, I don't like squad registrations, and I wanted a 'normal' reserves arrangement. All the big clubs in Europe have their debt removed, and similarly all clubs in Germany. While it's not realistic, I want a vibrant and fun gameworld; not one where Bayern, Liverpool and Milan get relegated because they are penniless - like happened in '09; I want to be meeting these people, at strength, in Europe (if I ever get there!). I haven't tinkered with finances other than removing those debts. Other than that, the actual data is unchanged - I've not altered reputations, player stats, etc; it's all legit! I think the only thing I've changed is my kits.

I play my saves in the same way as most people in here - no player or staff searching (just scouts and job centre), no re-loading, etc. That gives me a nice level of immersion while still providing a good level of fun. I'm really just planning an end of season summary every year, and regular commenting other than that.

Why choose Munster? I want to start at the bottom, I like their badge, and the club colours contrast nicely with the dark skin on FM - it's as simple as that! With the club having a historic element to their name I've chosen a suitably Prussian alias (http://i984.photobucket.com/albums/ae325/The1Mister/SC%20Preussen%20Munster/09-10/Karl-ErwinFalkenmeyer-2.jpg) for myself. At the start of the game there's no staff (http://i984.photobucket.com/albums/ae325/The1Mister/SC%20Preussen%20Munster/09-10/SCPreuenMnster.jpg) on the roster, and we have a media prediction of 4th. (http://i984.photobucket.com/albums/ae325/The1Mister/SC%20Preussen%20Munster/09-10/SCPreuenMnster-4.jpg)


The Preussen-Stadion (http://i984.photobucket.com/albums/ae325/The1Mister/SC%20Preussen%20Munster/09-10/SCPreuenMnster-3.jpg) has a reasonable capacity for a lower league club, as do most in Germany. It's in a poor condition but boasts a youth academy and good youth facilities too.

23-11-2009, 17:36

We were pleased to announce an affiliation with nearby club Borussia Dortmund, although they didn't send us any loan players. A couple of free signings were brought in and the staff were reinforced (in fact there was no staff when I arrived!). And a director took over the running of the club from the previous chairman; he didn't see fit to inject any funds (Scrooge). The board are pressing me to win promotion, and the bookies make us 7/4 joint 3rd favourites with Essen, and behind Mannheim and Magdeburg; I think they're overestimating us, as Essen and Magdeburg are relatively big operations. We had a very mediocre first period to the season, although the 2nd round cup exit to Bochum did provide around 180k in gate money. The Challenge Cup was a bit of a struggle, considering the other teams - difficult opposition; and we finished just above struggling Gera in 5th.

During October pressure was mounting on me. But I held it off and eventually went on a 29 game ubeaten run! This lifted us as high as 4th but we were never threatening the pair in the 2 automatic qualifying slots, who were a class apart. We finished the season by slipping to 6th, the final play-off slot, courtesy of a 2 goal difference. I didn't hold out much hope, but we won the semi against Meuselwitz; but we faltered in the final against Elversberg, who became the 3rd promoted team. Taking the season as a whole I'm satisfied with how things went; as it turned out so were the board and I kept my job.

League Pos - 6th (http://i984.photobucket.com/albums/ae325/The1Mister/SC%20Preussen%20Munster/09-10/GermanFourthDivision.jpg)
Media Pred - 4th (http://i984.photobucket.com/albums/ae325/The1Mister/SC%20Preussen%20Munster/09-10/SCPreuenMnster-4.jpg)
Board Exp - promotion
Cup - 2nd round
Challenge Cup - 1st round (http://i984.photobucket.com/albums/ae325/The1Mister/SC%20Preussen%20Munster/09-10/GermanChallengeCup.jpg)
Goals - El-Nounou 17
Assists - Loose 11
MOM - Kara 7
Aver Rating - Fall 7.25 (added to club fav personnel)
Squad Stats (http://i984.photobucket.com/albums/ae325/The1Mister/SC%20Preussen%20Munster/09-10/squad.jpg)
POY - Fall (http://i984.photobucket.com/albums/ae325/The1Mister/SC%20Preussen%20Munster/09-10/2DavidFall.jpg)
TOY (http://i984.photobucket.com/albums/ae325/The1Mister/SC%20Preussen%20Munster/09-10/SCPreuenMnster-23.jpg)
Aver Att - 4279
Balance - 1,021
Profit/Loss - 56,725
Wage Bill/Budget - 14,884/15861
Estimated Club Value - 1.9m (48th in Ger)
Club Rep - regional
Manager Rep - regional (http://i984.photobucket.com/albums/ae325/The1Mister/SC%20Preussen%20Munster/09-10/Karl-ErwinFalkenmeyer-2.jpg)
Manager Stats (http://i984.photobucket.com/albums/ae325/The1Mister/SC%20Preussen%20Munster/09-10/stats.jpg)
Staff (http://i984.photobucket.com/albums/ae325/The1Mister/SC%20Preussen%20Munster/09-10/SCPreuenMnster.jpg)
Transfers (http://i984.photobucket.com/albums/ae325/The1Mister/SC%20Preussen%20Munster/09-10/SCPreuenMnster09.jpg)
Euro Co-efficients (http://i984.photobucket.com/albums/ae325/The1Mister/SC%20Preussen%20Munster/09-10/co-eff.jpg)
CL Dream Team (http://i984.photobucket.com/albums/ae325/The1Mister/SC%20Preussen%20Munster/09-10/Europeandream.jpg)
Seasons Biggest Signing - M. Rodriguez 21m A. Mad > Man C.

Division 1 - Schalke 04
Division 2 - Bielefeld
Division 3 - Osnabruck
Division 4 - Magdeburg
Cup - Leverkusen
Challenge Cup - Sandhausen

Club WC - Estudiantes
Champions League - Real Madrid
Europa League - Man Utd

Serie A - Lazio!
Ligue 1 - Bordeaux (St Etienne relegated!)
Premiership - Man Utd
La Liga - Real Madrid (Espanyol relegated)

World Cup - Holland (beat Ghana! Scotland beat France and then Argentina before Ghana defeated them)

I'll be editing this post with images and info tomorrow.

24-11-2009, 00:43
The information (and more of it!) you see in post 4 will be the normal content of the annual summary; the written/discussed part of post 4 will just take the form of ad-hoc comments.

Other than that I'll be editing post 2 yearly, and post 1 when I win something :rolleyes:

25-11-2009, 11:02
I've added images to the season summary above :thup:

Would people minded if I just added a link at the end of summaries, to the folder for the relevant years images on Photobucket? Like this. (http://s984.photobucket.com/albums/ae325/The1Mister/SC%20Preussen%20Munster/09-10/) It'd make it easier :o and it would be individual seasons, not a big jumble from the whole save.

25-11-2009, 16:24
In the summer I off-loaded around a dozen players on frees and brought in a handful for the same amount - 0. Offenbach came in for one of my wingers who I hadn't planned on selling; but I negotiated the fee up a bit and moved him on for 250k as I had a replacement already scouted - and he was brought in for 40k. Finally I brought in a loan defender from Offenbach as cover. And with a few promoted from the youth team the squad was finished.

That just needed a few members of staff appointed. I don't see much point in spending lots of money on staff at this level, and I've not been too fussy about their abilities. Last season I got a scout and fitness coach with good potential, so I renewed their contracts.

Friendlies were arranged with Stuttgart and Hertha to swell the coffers a bit, followed by cannon fodder to increase the morale after expected hammerings by the 2 Bundesliga sides. I've not bothered looking for feeder sides, as any good youths at this level will be getting played! And I'm more than happy with Dortmund as a parent, providing me with 35k pa and a winter friendly last season - I'll be asking them again during this seasons winter break.

25-11-2009, 16:51
December is here, and things are going well :thup:

Munster are in 4th place, just 2 points behind Wormatia, Lotte and Halberstadt who are all on 52 points. We have a game in hand though, as well as being 1 home game to the good - played 12 at home and 13 away. There's a couple of capable sides just behind me too, but I'm happy with the outlook.

We got off to a great start, going unbeaten from the start of the season for quite a little while - as a result of which 3rd division Carl Zeiss Jena offered me a job. But I'm a one club man! (until I get sacked :o). So the board were happy with me staying, but I got the feeling the players might have been glad to see the back of me - after I turned down Jena they decided to throw a wobbler; one dodgy result after another. I was resting players who were underperforming, but it got to the stage that lots of them had poor morale, so I just picked my strongest 11 regardless and hoped for a turnaround sooner rather than later.

It happened sooner, thank God. And we put in some good form all the way up to the interval. My young striker has done particularly well, banging in 27 goals in 22 matches and collecting 10 MoMs; I've extended his contract, so he won't be going anywhere unless it's for good money. We put in a reasonable showing in the Challenge Cup, finishing 4th with a 1/3/1 record; to be honest, I've been resting players in these matches.

Elsewhere, Italian champions Lazio crashed out the CL in the group stage, as did Porto and Atletico Madrid; surprise progressions being Toulouse, Metalist and Getafe. Estudiantes retained the CWC, beating giants Real Madrid on penalties. My affiliate, Dortmund, top the Bundesliga; Arsenal top the EPL by 5 points with holders Man Utd struggling in 7th and Everton putting in a good effort in 3rd; Nancy lead Ligue 1 but are being chased by a handful of quality sides; Barcelona and Madrid contesting the BBVA; and Inter show the way in Serie A shadowed by Milan and Juventus. The story of the big leagues is Lazio - the current Scudetto holders, as well as exiting the CL, are struggling badly in 17th, only 1 goal better of than 18th placed Catania! They've not lost any notable players and look to have filled their squad wisely. But with Ballardinis position still being stable it's not a clear cut case if they'll turn it around or not.

See you in the summer.

25-11-2009, 19:15
Wilhelmshaven manager Dietzsch makes impolite comments regarding Falkenmeyer prior to the league match. Munster go on to win 4-0 and Dietzsch is sacked :D
However Munster are robbed by fellow promotion hopefuls Borea Dresden in the next match, with the Dresden goalie getting MoM, and slip from the top-spot for the first time in a while.

But in Falkenmeyers 100th game in charge of Munster, they hammer quality side Halberstadt 4-0. This game also marks the return to form of Assauer after a drought of 407 minutes; the lad bagged 2 to send his team back top. With 8 games to go, any of the top 6 could go up.

Lazio haven't improved much and lie only a couple of points from relegation; in the EPL Liverpool and Arsenal are battling it out.

26-11-2009, 16:00
Long story short - got beat in the final of the play-offs, AGAIN! After losing out on the automatic promotion slots by a point.

So I've got no appetite for FM today :(

30-11-2009, 14:54
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