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23-11-2009, 03:37
I know its a very small thing but I would like to see some off field indiscretions take place in my game. Maybe it could be another attribute like common sense or something like that, it would be interesting to see teams take a punt on a player with low common sense and see him become a train wreck before their eyes. Would also give the manager more in game activity like facing the media to discuss what the players has done wrong, decide on a suitable penalty or contract termination, front the media to discuss players termination or even interact with the player in a professional way. Players always seem to be saint like in the game but one or two player problems a year wouldnt be out of place, it would also make you weary of how you manage your players.

Indiscretions could include drinking offenses, fighting offenses, car accidents etc.

Just an idea, would like to know your thoughts.

23-11-2009, 03:48
Yep, I like the idea. As long as it's very rare I think it could be a good addition.

23-11-2009, 03:56
Could also work with managers as well, recently their was a manager here in Australia who was sacked due to being busted drink driving, this could happen in FM10.

I guess they really dont always need to be indiscretions but something that could have implications, like the player is involved in a car accident (see C. Ronaldo for example) and breaks a leg or something and is forced onto the sidelines.

23-11-2009, 04:52
Indiscretions could include drinking offenses, fighting offenses, car accidents etc.

Just an idea, would like to know your thoughts.

The main problem to this is that SI have said they won't do this as it classifies as bringing the game into disrepute, and they've always maintained that they won't try to represent the illegal sides of players' lives. A lot of people may disagree, but then on the other hand, consider that if they did add this stuff then SI would have no leg to stand on against claims that they should go further, and add such things as: your teams/chairman being bribed into losing the game against your will (remember UEFA are currently investigating 200 recent games alone for corruption), you receiving torrents of hate mail in your inbox from detractors, your players being banned from the game for kung fu kicking supports/smuggling cocaine (yeah, a football player was done for smuggling cocaine over summer, so was a cricketer), or your house being burgled while you're away for a Champions League game (as frequently happens to Liverpool players). It's realistic, so you could claim it should be added for that reason, no matter how much it ruins your game. Yeah, this stuff all happens, but there's a point at which it just goes too far and doesn't actively make the game better. Frankly I think the game is fine where it is.

23-11-2009, 08:55
Sorry but discussed often and it wont happen as SI have said countless times.