View Full Version : Not really bugs but doesn't seem quite right

13-11-2009, 19:17
Playing as West Ham, have come across a couple of issues. One is merely the wording of some text the other a little more incorrect for the team.

Problem 1:



Mark Noble scores a goal from 35 yards out and that's considered to be close range?! Don't think so.

And Problem 2:


Calum Davenport is at home recuperating from severly stabbed legs. The game correctly has him unavailable until 2011 but I really don't think he's even coming close to any kind of training, never mind training hard enough that he could get injured!

Just thought I'd mention them.

13-11-2009, 19:24
Hmmmm, Davenport definitely shouldn't be training so early on in 2009, definite problem. Although you could make a seperate schedule for him with lowest training? :)

13-11-2009, 20:15
Please report these in the relevant thread in the Bugs forum so that they can be looked at- do a quick search, especially on the Davenport one, just to check that it hasnt been reported before. Thanks