View Full Version : problem Game date start in 2008

12-11-2009, 06:54
I just bought FM10 when i start the game the game date begins in June 2008, a year earlier of what it should have been. For the game play there are basically no game from june 2008 to june 2009. im just wondering if anyone has the same problem and does anyone know how to fix it?

12-11-2009, 07:05
Have you installed the patch ?

Not seen this error/problem before but the patch may fix it anyways! patch can be found in this thread (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=158962)

12-11-2009, 16:06
i did try updating with the patch the game date still starts in 2008

Robbie S
12-11-2009, 16:11
What leagues are you running? For example the Brazilian league can start in 2008

12-11-2009, 19:10
im running english spanish and italian leagues only. so there shouldnt be an issue

12-11-2009, 20:25
sounds like you may have bought fm 2009 mate. :D

13-11-2009, 00:16
it is fm 2010, im sure i bought the right version. the players are all updated and they have the new diplays.