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07-11-2009, 12:46
At start of game I like to set up list of scouting assignments for each of my scouts. This is fairly time consuming as you have to set up nation by nation. Would be good if you could highlight and then select numerous nations at same time from the drop down list rather than having to scroll through and add one by one. If there is already a way of doing I would appreciate advice on how to do this. If not possible, matbe this is something that could be considered for future releases as a "time saving" feature.

07-11-2009, 13:46
With scouts, i determine who would be best where e.g depending on their adaptability score. You could benefit with sending them to a more varied region such as a continent. Ideally a continent with countries the scout might have some knowledge of already to begin with. So they could be familiar with some countries and when scouting countries around these familiar countries, due to their adaptability rating. They can increase their scouting knowledge even more. Its worth considering getting new scouts if you have some poor staff members already at club.

It took me awhile to work out my scout staff, where they should be assigned and so on. I think from Man Utd a definite 2 went. With poss 2-3 possibly maybe needing to go also. I would like to get a scout i think with some south america knowledge as there isnt a strong one like this for Man Utd from the off.

Good Jpa and Jpp are sought for i think. Determination helps out with the degree in how hard they try to find possible players for you, the manager.

n.b-After assigning jobs for scouts, i had 1-2 scouts left over kinda. I thought maybe, termination of contract? Then with 1 i actually assigned them to just Spain as they had a high knowledge for this country. I have my scouts set-up with places it was setup from the start of game which was;

I might have changed 1-2 things, dont have a world scout now also. a c.europe scout i thought was actually suited better for s.europe so i switched him to that. Looking back at your question again, i think that to select a bundle of countries. Choosing a continent would be your best bet.

Good luck with your game ^^

07-11-2009, 14:36
I agree, continents and regions is probably your best bet and the more time a scout spends in a country the more knowledge he'll gain of that country.

And yes, have a look at Jpp and Jpa as these are the most useful stats for a scout.