View Full Version : Job status on the line?

06-11-2009, 21:25
Basically everything else is great, but for some reason, competition is 0%. im top of the league though?! Anyone like to tell me its a bug or not - Im not in the cup or anything...

06-11-2009, 22:06
Give us some more info! Who are you managing, what were the opening expectations ....

Sounds odd if you are top of the league but what is the rest of the info , are you using created leagues etc

06-11-2009, 22:59

I decided to post it here, but basically its a created league. Could that be the reason it led to this? I have no cup games, so everything is dependent on the competition, but I'm 1st so I can't see why my competition rating is at 0%. Everything else is fine.