View Full Version : Extending Loans??

05-11-2009, 19:02
Hello lads! just a quick question. Anyone know how to extend loans - not been something I've done in past FMs. When have been a lower league clubs I always got season long loans etc as never see point of 3 month or whatever.

Anyway that's beside the point. At Pompey loans are a must at the minute and I seriously need to keep hold of O'Hara, he's been integral to my relative success (10th at crimbo and in Carling cup Semi-Final). I've just got a message saying his loan is up in a couple of days but i can see no way of extending it. It only gives me the option to transfer (would but can't - 0) or make an enquiry.

Cheers for any help lads, aint continuing till i know so some quick help will be appreciated


P.S. Woulda put this in transfer forum but aint no threads there so figured no one looking before anyone says I've stuck this in the wrong forum or whatever

05-11-2009, 19:28
gits. Can't be arsed to wait anymore lol need to PLAY!!!- sod it - he's gonna go :(