View Full Version : I would like to control more the wages

05-11-2009, 15:44
I would like to control more the wages... for ex. I'm Leeds Manager and i whant to sign Ricky Sbragia as an Assistant Manager he will only sign for around 2,400 p but i can only give him 1,400. I only earn 1,700 anyway i rather like a quality Assistant Manager and give him a little more money than a rubbish one. Specially when the club can affort it:rolleyes:

Vic Taylor
05-11-2009, 20:52
If you don't have enough in the wage budget manually adjust the budgets in the board room. Take some money out of the transfer kitty and put it in the wage budget.

If you have enough money, then it's a kind of limit thing. The board don't want one staff member (this works the same with players as well) getting payed a lot more than everyone else. Try offering a few of your staff members raises to get the min offer amount up.