View Full Version : Finally a diffrence between

02-11-2009, 09:44
A premiership match and a League 2 match.

In all previous FM versions a Premiership match and a Low league match, looked pretty much the same. But in FM10 I started with Arsenal as I always do with a new version, so I know the players.

Then yesterday I started my Career game with Notts Co, and the matches was totally different, terrible first touch on the crappy League 2 players, while premiership players control the ball well. I'm getting more and more impressed with the new match engine.

Maybe I have to start a game with a team in conference North or south. That could be fun to watch :)

Good work SI. Game is so much better than FM09. FM10 is not ****ing me off like FM09 did. The fun is back and my social life is over again. And I just got a sms from the postoffice that my copy of Dragon age has arrived. Where am I supposed to find the time to play ;)