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31-10-2009, 19:51
I know this is a stupid thing but I was wondering if there is a way to change the position of the crowd in a stadium for 3d games. I'm a Aston Villa supporter and the diehard fans are sat the the left side of the screen as if facing the dug outs. On FM that is the away end. I know this is a small thing but i would like to change it if its possible!

31-10-2009, 20:41
I think the only thing you can do is turn crowds off so you don't notice this.

Glenn Wakeford
31-10-2009, 21:06
We're looking towards improving these aspects of realism as we go forward in the future.

31-10-2009, 21:13
ok thanks for your input. Its a small thing but its something i noticed.