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30-10-2009, 12:27

Bored at work here and thought would share my terrible decision from last night on FM.

Bit of background I'm on FM08 (because could not get FM09 to work on my laptop) and in my third season with Rennes, after finishing runner up in League and Cup first season and then did the triple 2nd season with league, cup and league cup, third season now and I play Valencia in Quarter Finals of Champ Lge (they beat me on away goals in last seasons uefa semi 4-4) and stuff them running riot 5-0 at home, and checking the fixtures i see that 3 days after the return leg i am due to play Lyon. Lyon are 4 points a head of me and after i play them only 5 games left of the season. So i decide to rest my whole first 11 for the Valencia game. Big mistake get trounced 7-1 losing 7-6 on aggregate.

I changed from my normal 4-3-3 to a 4-2-3-1 to accommodate the players i brought in, who were mainly squad subs and a few hot youth players.


On the upside i guess it worked out OK because i beat Lyon 3-2 with an 88th minute winner so the rest done the boys good, but it ruined my long unbeaten streak 13 or so games since league cup quarter final defeat and still have my 18 game unbeaten league streak.

Just got to gun down Lyon now and hope they slip up.

Any other people got some really bad errors in judgement to share?

30-10-2009, 13:08
Any other people got some really bad errors in judgement to share?
Well, my most recent error is one of laziness :D

I just started a new career game in FM10 yesterday and started unemployed. Without looking closer or doing any research at all, I accepted the manager job at Chester City. Now I know what a dumb move that was: -25 points will guarantee the club's relegation and outstanding loans to the amount of 6kk Euros result in about 40-50k Euro I'm sliding deeper into debt each week. On the other side, my highest valued player is 90k and the club's estimated value is 350k.

Well, while I do like some difficult jobs, this is just plain ridiculous and I hope to be out there after this one season.

30-10-2009, 13:09
Reading this post

30-10-2009, 13:49
Milk was a bad choice...

30-10-2009, 14:36
Probably the same as yours - resting too many players after confident first leg win..