View Full Version : Question about training

29-10-2009, 17:16
I am playing the demo with Barca, and i imported some training scheudles for youth team, but i can't find my under 18 players to select what scheudle to train. Also i can't find the youth coaches... Anyone can tell where are they?

30-10-2009, 13:12
Nobody knows? Still can't find youth scheudles, youth players and youth coaches...

30-10-2009, 13:14
I don't have the game up right this second, but from memory don't you go to your Barcelona youth team, and then click on 'Training' from the Sub Tab Menu? (next to tactics, fixtures etc)
Training for the Professional players and the youth players are on different screens in FM2010.

30-10-2009, 13:16
Goto your U18 squad, and the training and coaches option should be near the top, just under the tabs.