View Full Version : Some FM10 minor requests

21-10-2009, 12:48
Still loving the demo. Now on my 2nd playthrough and still having fun.

Couple of little things that I think would go a long way:

1. Being able to say 'don't show me this again' for the confirmation dialogs in the transfer system is great, but I'd love to be able to do this with all confirmations in the game (notably 'Send Home', 'Give injection' and 'Leave to physio'). Don't know if there's a reason that its only been done on a handful of the dialogs (to gauge reaction maybe?) but I'd love to have that option everywhere.

2. Being able to assign a Scout to look for a particular player role - e.g. scout Eastern Europe for Box to Box Midfielders, or scout South America for Trequartistas. I think that would give scouting a big boost. I mostly still just use player search with filters, but I think with the ability to scout for players who fit particular roles, scouting would be a much more attractive option.

3. Having the Backroom Advice happen as a weekly or fortnightly Staff Meeting with an 'Attend Meeting' button as part of the main game flow. I think the new backroom advice feature is excellent, but I so often forget to look at it for weeks at a time (particularly with the game flowing so much faster in FM10). It would be much handier for the game to invite me to look at the feedback at regular intervals (more lifelike too probably).

That's all for now - keep up the good work guys. FM10 is a quantum leap and I haven't been so excited about playing a new version in a long, long time.

21-10-2009, 13:37
I agree with the scouts searching for players for specific roles. Since each role has "preferred" attributes, it does really make sense to send a scout looking for something more specific than a position.

Vic Taylor
21-10-2009, 14:06
If you want to remember to look at the backroom advice regularly, why don't you create a note, and set it to appear in your inbox once a week, once a month, etc?

21-10-2009, 14:08
Aha, never thought of that. Good call. Would still be more realistic as a weekly meeting though, but I'll try setting that up.

26-10-2009, 18:22
-Finances - Would like to be able to be kept up to date with merchandise sales in the news screen once a month like which numbers and names are selling the best and what countries shirts are selling in so you can arrange tours in the countries you are not yet selling in to break into new markets, for example a news item could read Man Utd shirts have sold out across certain states in north America today after a sucessful pre season tour which saw United beat certain teams(team name) with certain players (player name) catching the eye of supporters in the states, also you could have certain players shirt sales go up after say getting the highest average rating in a season or after the world cup or a euro tournement or champions league or even locally after a good cup run for lower league teams their shirt sales go up in their area gaining more supporters.:thup: