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09-10-2009, 16:15
Thought I'd do a bit of a player career for a while, see how it goes.

Patch: FM WeeGie w/player
Version: FM2009

Player Profile:
Name: Adam Fitzpatrick
Position(s): Attacking Left Midfielder, Striker
Preferred Foot: Left
Age: 16
Date of Birth: 26th February 1992
Starting Club: Southport
Favourite Club: Chelsea

Initial Profile (http://img39.imageshack.us/img39/1884/10092009171227.jpg)

Looks like he's too good for this level and a quick move wouldn't be a suprise.

09-10-2009, 16:35
First Goal!!! Southport took on Oldham on the 26th July, with Fitzpatrick finally bagging his first goal for Southport after 5 games. Fitzpatrick was put through by Steve Daly in the 10th minute and he passed the ball into the net. But a Deane Smalley goal in injury time in the first half plus a Matty Wolfenden double near the end of the game ensured victory for Oldham. Final Score: 3-1 (http://img203.imageshack.us/img203/3568/10092009173131.jpg)

10-10-2009, 11:19
Adam Fitzpatrick - Season 2008/09:

Initial Profile (http://img39.imageshack.us/img39/1884/10092009171227.jpg)
1st Season (http://img43.imageshack.us/img43/9575/10102009120718.jpg)

Fitzpatrick had a very good first season, he scored 22 goals in all competitions, all of which were in the league though. He also made his first Under 21 cap for Ireland. Fitzpatrick also won the Player of the Year award in the Blue Square North, a brilliant acheivement. He's attracting a lot of attention, many teams are after him and it could only be a matter of time before he leaves Haig Avenue. Him and Southport were floating around the bottom half of the table up until Christmas, when things really picked up. They ended up coming 4th (http://img30.imageshack.us/img30/2681/10102009121259.jpg), and went on to beat Hinckley 2-0 (http://img30.imageshack.us/img30/2681/10102009121259.jpg) in the Play-Off Final to progress into the Blue Square Premier.

Top Goalscorer: Adam Fitzpatrick (22 Goals) (http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/7756/10102009121504.jpg)
Most Assists: Matty McGinn (12 Assists) (http://img63.imageshack.us/img63/7803/10102009121649.jpg)
Man Of The Match: Adam Fitzpatrick (11 MOTMs) (http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/7756/10102009121504.jpg)
Average Rating: Adam Fitzpatrick (7.11) (http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/7756/10102009121504.jpg)


Season Team Division Country Position
2008-09 Southport Blue Square North England 4th - Play-Off Winners

Season Team Goals Assists MOTM Av Rat
2008-09 Southport 22 9 11 7.11

07-11-2009, 12:29
A intresting idea. Will be following (: