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19-09-2009, 22:08
hi i have just started a new game on fm09 with spurs and i dont seem to have any money for transfers? is this right?
previous game i had with southampton and they had no money either?
im thinking is it anythin to do with the patch update 3.0 i installed.

19-09-2009, 22:14
Could it be that "allow transfer budget in first window" checkbox, at the beginning of a new game setting? Check if it's unticked.

19-09-2009, 22:20
I think the budgets change when patches are installed, to reflect the current club situation. (at the time of the patch)

19-09-2009, 22:25
Think simon07 is right about this one.

Started games with Tottenham with the box ticked, and unticked, just now to check. There were no transfer funds on either of the games i started. It was on the 9.3.0. database.

19-09-2009, 22:42
yeah i tried the transfer budget box, ticked and unticked and no transfer funds! thats bloody ***** isnt it! you reckon i might get sum in the january transfer window?

19-09-2009, 22:45
No idea. Haven't played with Tottenham, as i'm an Arsenal fan :P
Hopefully someone else is able to answer that.

Welcome to the forums by the way :)

19-09-2009, 22:46
Yes, the reason you have none is because of the money spent by Tottenham in real life during the January transfer window.

Ask for a transfer budget from the board, they give you five million to play around with...

19-09-2009, 22:55
the option for asking for a transfer budget isnt available : /

19-09-2009, 23:01
its because in january transfer window when the last patch came out, spurs spent a lot of money, and as these players are added to your squad the money is deducted

19-09-2009, 23:26
arrr *****! no worries! ill just carry on with the good squad i got for now. thanks for the help people : )