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04-09-2009, 06:10
I am playing Newport Co., and have been promoted into the BS Premier League. I set up through the board to have a 7th tier club as a feeder, North Ferriby. It is pretty useless, as they don't have any matches, so loaning players to them does not help their development. So eventually I asked the board for another feeder, hoping that maybe they would turn one up in BSN/S for me. Instead, the board said they would give me more input, and I could choose the club (from basically any club in the world). I chose a club in Scottish 3rd Div (don't remember exactly how, maybe Elgin City?), but the board said they could not work out an agreement.

So, when that request resets and I get another shot at this, what is a more realistic feeder to shoot for? I figure that the BSN/S clubs are probably unlikely, as they are a little too close to me in terms of "class." How about Welsh Prem League? Looking at those teams, they seem to be a little bit lower than BSN/S, and they are local to Newport Co.

Any suggestions or other experience in setting up feeders?

Eles Gergo
04-09-2009, 06:42
Well first of all i would get a parent club if I'm in the BSP league and not a feeder until i reach at least league one or championship.

The best way is to let them choose for you maybe this way they can get you a feeder club that's playing in some sort of league.

04-09-2009, 07:49
As Gergo says, you should really be looking for a parent club at the moment.

I don't recall the league reputations, but you'll find the Scottish division 3 rep is close to the BSP, so a club in that league wouldn't want a BSP team as a parent - they'd be looking for a SPL or CCC/EPL team.

When you're in the BSP/N/S you should really be looking to play your youngsters yourself.