View Full Version : What are my board thinking?

19-08-2009, 00:03
I feel like I have to wonder about the sanity of my board sometimes. One moment they are the best board in the world, having agreed to build me a new stadium that more than triples my attendance limit and announced new links a decent parent club. They then proceed to ask me to trim 20,000 off wages for the new season all this was whilst my wages came a grand total of only 70,000!

I can understand that the club is short of cash what with building the new stadium and the loan that entails but surely they should value the players I have brought in keeping the team in the championship?! Surely they could take the hit in the pocket for one season and understand these players are packing in the fans?

Anybody else have any horrible tales of board castration just when you've built your foundations? PS I made the cuts; and its not going well... :(

19-08-2009, 00:54
they need the money for the new stadium (partly funded by the old stadium).

Should let you have more when the stadium is built

19-08-2009, 10:43
Don't complain about 70,000 a week in the championship!!!!!!!!
My first season i had 45,000 in my third season it is 60,000, currently 11th, cut down on the experienced players wanting money the same money they had in their premier league days bring in son exciting youngsters who have always been payed peanuts so they're grateful of anything.