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18-08-2009, 13:53
Im interested to see who does this from time to time,

In 3rd/4th Season, around the January time to spice things up a bit. A secondary team to your main project - fail no biggy, but something to add something .

I did it first time on Cm 03/04, side from my liverpool game, saving Bastia from the Bottom of the French League one win all season, using loans from my main side and january freebies, made it by a point.

On my wembley challenge 5th season, Jan 1st. Nottingham Forest, bottom 1 win, 1 draw , 18 losses. Prob a step too far, but get in some of my talented youngsters who arent quite breaking through (mostly regens), and see what happens. =)

Wondering if i was a rare breed in this pursuit of if other get involved, Any nice success stories to share?