View Full Version : AI - planning for the future in fm2010..?

07-08-2009, 19:14
After a long long break from fm09, i recently got hooked once again. After playing several seasons, with me becoming better and better, i decided to take a look, at the other clubs squads.

i was surprised to see teams such as chelsea, liverpool and united, hadnt bought in new quality players, but relied upon the old players, which seemingly was to old. This is really ruining the basis for a longer game.

as i havent been on the forum for a while, and dont know if its been debated, so i was wondering if SI is planning to do something about this problem..?

07-08-2009, 19:18
I'm wondering if it has to do with players taking time to build up their rep' which the AI uses to buy players

07-08-2009, 19:24
It is a known issue so hopefully SI are taking a look at his for FM10.

Brian Shanahan
07-08-2009, 22:31
What I can see form the forums it is due to players now staying in the game too long(i.e. having lots of players playing to 40) due to staying at high level longer, and clubs not getting in replacements until it is too late. This was done as FM08 players retired too early due to their stats falling off from about 30 on, a little too early. P.S. I didn't have the game jsut something I picked up from the forums again.

arsenal fan 123
07-08-2009, 22:40
can someone please explain what AI is or what it stands for

07-08-2009, 22:43
Artificial Intelligence.