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05-08-2009, 01:22
First of all I want to welcome everyone, it is my first post and my first Career.
Because I start my career couple weeks ago and I really don't have any roster at that moment I want to share my career with you.

I started with these leagues

Poland Ekstraklasa , 1st Division
England Barclays, Championship
Italy Seria A , Seria B

I did pick a team in Polish first Division as I always want to pull a team from polish lower division and bring them to Ekstraklasa. I was looking at the teams and their history's. I knew many of those but the one that catch my eye was Widzew Lodz. They had great history in polish football history that was playing in 1st Division. I wanted to see them in glory win trophies and get to the UEFA.

First when I looked at the squad I knew most of the names as I do follow polish league. I thing I did have a couple of international players maybe 2 or 3 rest of my players were polish. I wanted to bring new fresh look to this team so I was looking at some players from Italy and England. I did have some hard times finding especially that the transfer and wage budget were pretty low. Transfer budget that they gave me was around 600 and wage budget was 100.


Ok it was really good season as I finished in 3rd Place. I did have spot to play in playoff to get promotion to Ekstraklasa and I did get promoted. I keep all my players.

Second Season

I didnt expect anything else and I wanted to finished this season in a save place. I did it and I actually got better place than I thought I finished in 3rd Place. It was really great succes for me.

Ok I started my journey with UEFA. First round was pretty easy I won 2 - 0 next leg was 4 - 0 for me. Than I did had some problems and I lost to Zurich.

This season didn't do to well I finished in six place but. I start to buy some young players and I did add to coaches to my staff. I bought some quality players from Ivory Coast, Serbia, Bulgaria and Polish which cost me around 1 million. I did manage to sell my best players just because they didn't want to sign new contract. I sold my 3 players for around 6 million so I did get manage to get some cash to the bank.

I wanted to build great team I was buying young players and selling them for big bucks. At one point I did manage to have 18 million in the bank just from selling players. Many of them didn't want to stay in the club, because they wanted to move to bigger clubs. For next 3 seasons my position was right in the back of the podium between 7 and 4 place for the next 3 seasons. I did manage to get to the final of Polish Super Cup but I lost to Wisla 2 - 0. I started to get mad but each season I knew I can win this. For the next season I got mad and I started to pay for players that were around 2 to 4 million. I got attacking mid, striker, two def, and one GK. I did manage to spend around 13 million the team was really good for Polish league. I only focus on the league so I can be champion because that is what I was aiming for.

It was the season of

My tactic was at this point 4 4 2
I had young players with great striker that was young and pretty much was about to enter his career 19 years Old from Ivory Coast ( I did loan him out in the past seasons and I saw how many goals he was scoring) It was really good start I was wining 3 - 0, 4- 0, 2 - 0
Great start than I started to slow down but still I was in around 1st and 3rd place. In the middle of the season I was 1 st great I was soo happy. The second part of the season I did manage to loose to the teams, I slowly start to move down. I got angry and I did let my players know that. Finally 6 games left I start to win. I won all 5 of them. I was in second place and had 2 points less than Zaglebie. I had to win to the team that was in last place and was relagated and Zaglebie had to loose to Wisla who was in 8th place. First half was pretty bad I was loosing already 3 - 0. In the second half what I could do I put everything on one card and I did this 4 - 2 -4 everyone on attack. I started to score 3 -1 omg I wanted to see more than another pop out 3 - 2 and another one 3 -3 my team scored 3 goals in 10 min. I was really happy about it and I checked out what was the score in other game Zaglebie - Wisla. I lost 3 -4 and Zaglebie won 2 - 0 so even if I won I would still be in second place. Well even thought i got second.