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04-08-2009, 15:47
First, a couple of apologies. I'm not very good at searching the forums, so I apologize if there is already a thread on this. Also, I am still playing FM 08 (I always skip the first year of a new generation), so many of the things I'm about to list may already be perfectly fixed.

Please indulge me.

What I'm looking for are comments on the following updates fixes necessary from FM 08

-- Wrong home teams in MLS playoffs, the team with the better record should have the second-leg of the division semis and obviously should host the division final. A tiny coding error, but it really screws up the playoffs from a gaming point of view -- you've done the hard work all season and you're punished with a tough away match!

-- Canadian Championship

-- CONCACAF Champions' League with group phase, etc.

-- Players with second nationality American or Canadian should count as domestics (in FM 08 sometimes they do, sometimes they don't).

-- Developmental players for some reason count as senior after their first season for the club, which can really screw up your plans.

-- No longer any reserve league in MLS.

I'm sure there are many more, feel free to add to the list.

And a big thanks in advance. I'm just hoping to help get things better and better for the newer versions.

04-08-2009, 16:38
Does the demo have the MLS?

04-08-2009, 16:40
There is a specific thread in the Data Issues forum for the MLS here (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=53382).. Post your comments and suggestions in there

04-08-2009, 17:18
There is a specific thread in the Data Issues forum for the MLS here (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=53382).. Post your comments and suggestions in there

Actually, most of those aren't data related so that would be the wrong place to post those issues. The data issues section is more for things the researchers can fix in the database rather than things that have to be fixed in code.

05-08-2009, 15:55
So, then does anyone know if there is a proper thread for me to bring this up in? Not much response in this one. Again, I apologize for most likely rehashing things, but the search function leaves a bit to be desired, and this is pretty important stuff (if MLS doesn't work properly this time around, I'm unlikely to buy the game, and there are probably many others who feel the same way). Instead of complaining after the fact, we may as well get all the issues out now so coders can actually do something about it. MLS is a very strange league from a code point of view.

06-08-2009, 02:13
MLS in FM09 worked fine[*EDIT: after the patches corrected players being incorrectly dropped]. There were some small mistakes and inaccuracies and things not occuring like how do in real life but for the most part it functioned well. Here is a link to the [official] Football Manager 2009 - Some MLS changes (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=44029) thread from last year, where you can read about the changes you missed.

I haven't read about any MLS related changes for FM10 yet but I think as long as the following is done you won't regret buying the game:

1. Remove the reverse league
2. Add the Seattle Sounders to MLS
3. Change the roster limits to 20 senior players and 4 development players [19/5 for Dallas because of their 5 GAs]
4. Adjust how MLS teams qualify for tournaments so they can't play in SuperLiga and the CCL
5. Update which teams are in which tournaments
6. Update the player data
7. Maybe adding the 6 game and season ending injury lists

06-08-2009, 17:19
Good list. FM 08 had the season ending injury reserve automatically kick in whereby the affected player would lose his squad number without becoming waived, making it possible to sign a replacement.

06-08-2009, 17:21
I also think that having MLS in the demos would be a great way to resolve any problems before it's too late.

07-08-2009, 00:09
I also think that having MLS in the demos would be a great way to resolve any problems before it's too late.

It would be a great way to spot problems, and hopefully it wouldn't be to late to fix them.

Other wishlist items are:
- Functioning academy teams with correct rules for signing players and obtaining their MLS rights
- MLS All-Star Game reflecting real-life more accurately (i.e. player selection process closer to real life although this would require some unique programming, and MLS manager with best record coaches team)

07-08-2009, 11:27
i dunno if anyone was bugged by this. but im the kind of guy that likes to go back in the draft history and look for busts and late round stars. but one thing that really annoyed me was when i looked at the draft history for a certain year, and i click on a player, when i go back it takes me back to the most recent draft. for example, let's say i'm in season 2015 and i want to look at the draft in 2010. when i click on John Doe who was taken by the Galaxy in the 4th round to check him out and then i want to go to the previous screen to look at other players taken that year, it brings me back to the 2015 draft! i dunno, it may not be a big deal to most people. a minor inconvenience lol but whatevers. i'll be happy with the finished product.

09-08-2009, 16:43
The 2 major additions I want in 2010 are:

1) MLS Expansion - In order for the MLS to be playable over multiple seasons the future MLS Expansion needs to be included. Philadelphia Union in 2010 and Vancouver Whitecaps & Portland Timbers in 2011. Playing in the MLS for more than one season just doesn't feel real without it mirroring the real life expansions.

I do understand that SI only get the license for the CURRENT MLS season which doesn't include the future expansions. So why not keep us MLS fans happy by including something in the editor that allows us to manually add expansions to the MLS for future seasons. In the editor there could be an 'expansion' tab for the MLS league and in it you select teams and choose what season/year they join the league. This would also allow users to add there own ideas for future teams in the MLS. As there are more teams going to be added to the MLS in future years as I believe they are planning for 12 teams in each conference.

I know people will say this will be 'too hard' to code but SI did have this feature in their OOTP Baseball game a FEW YEARS AGO. So this IS possible, so I would love to see this happen. I would spend years and years in the MLS if they implemented this. But on FM2009 I can't spend more than a year in the MLS because without the expansions it is just not realistic.

2) USL - It would be great if USL-1 and USL-2 were to be included in FM2010. This would add depth to playing in the USA and open up Lower League Management in North America. I would 100% start my career in the USL if it were a playable league.

12-10-2009, 17:43
I perfectly agree with @JLlo
we wanna see USL 1 and USL 2, it would add more interest specially for us North American,
and even if possible I'd like to see the CSL (canadian Soccer league)

12-10-2009, 19:21
I want to put the MLS on a more english like structure when 2010 comes out and am just wondeing if the USL teams have full squad lists?

was gonna make a few teams or move the USL teams in to a 2nd tier of the MLS. And am just wondering. Thanks for any help

12-10-2009, 20:12
just wondeing if the USL teams have full squad lists?

I'm pretty sure they do. At least USL1.

13-10-2009, 02:54
There were a couple of things that bugged me in FM09 about MLS:
Fixture congestion towards the end if you stayed in the available cups (superliga, open cup, ccl), that ended up with me playing many games very close together, if I remember correctly some were on consecutive days.
Even with regularly spaced games, a very high amount of injuries, despite using the same training and tactics I had used in other higher and lower reputation leagues without any such results.
Have either of these been looked at?

13-10-2009, 03:00
lol my second season I ended playing 3 games in a row because of the superliga/ccl... it was brutal. Happened twice. And then I was playing every 2 days for 2 weeks, as well. Needless to say I lost a ton of games because of fatigued players.

King Jeff
13-10-2009, 10:14
The 2 major additions I want in 2010 are:

1) MLS Expansion

2) USL

I think the competition editor should allow us to get this in there. I'm sure someone will create a file that replicates the North American structure. If one doesn't appear quickly, I'll try to do it.

14-10-2009, 18:40
This isn't directly related to MLS but can affect how we will set up our games (in a positive way).

The last feature I want to mention is the way you can set the database. Now you can choose which players and teams to load, so your game can be teeming with the different African players you know about, even Oceania's teams will be full with accurately rated players. I can say that I will never again start a large database game but will always use a custom one so I can load the teams of all First Division African clubs.
Football Manager 2010 new features blog Day 30: New fixtures, plus more feedback from our beta testers (http://www.mirrorfootball.co.uk/opinion/blogs/football-manager-2010/Football-Manager-2010-new-features-blog-Day-30-New-fixtures-plus-more-feedback-from-our-beta-testers-article188721.html)

This will enable us to more precisely add in the areas of the world where we will most likely be scouting (Latin America, the Caribbean, and West Africa), while avoiding lots of players MLS managers will never even cross paths with.