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Team Information

Team Name: Pescara Calcio SpA
Reputation: Regional
Chairman Status: Loves the club
Finances: Okay
Estimated Value: €5.25m
Stadium: Adriatico
Stadium Capacity: 22500 all-seater


Training Facilities: Top Training Facilities
Youth Facilities: Good Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
Continental Competition: None
Media Prediction: 3rd
League Points Deducted: 1


Pescara Calcio is an Italian football club based in Pescara, Abruzzo. The club was formed in 1936 and currently plays in Serie C1. Pescara has competed in 5 seasons of Serie A (1977-1978, 1979-1980, 1987-1988, 1988-1989, 1992-1993). Its last Serie A stint ended in 1993. The team's colors are white and light blue.

Apart from a spell in Serie B in the 1940s, Pescara had a relatively undistinguished history until promotion to Serie B in 1974. With players like Giorgio Repetto and Bruno Nobili in midfield, they managed to win promotion to Serie A in 1977 after winning a play-off, but finished in their first season in Serie A in last place. A second promotion after a play-off followed, but once more they would be relegated from the top flight and descend to C1 within two years.

Nonetheless returning to Serie B after a year, Pescara would enjoy a revival after the appointment of the charismatic Giovanni Galeone in 1986. His philosophy of attacking football saw the Biancazzurri promoted to Serie A as champions for 1987, where they lasted two years with players such as Blaz Sliskovic. Galeone would return during season 1990-91 and oversaw another promotion the following year. Despite finishing bottom of Serie A for a third time, it was an attractive and entertaining side which had few problems scoring goals (thanks to midfielders Massimiliano Allegri and Ottavio Palladini) but also conceded them at an alarming rate. They were involved in a number of thrilling games like a 5-4 home defeat to Milan after being 4-2 up, and a 5-1 win over Juventus in the penultimate round (by which time they had been relegated).

Defender Giacomo Dicara enjoyed three spells at the club, the first as a teenager in the late 1980s, the third ending in 2005.

After relegation, Pescara remained in Serie B side throughout the 1990s, narrowly missing promotion in 1999. Relegation to C1 followed in 2001, with promotion in 2003 being followed by two revoked relegations in a row, thanks to bankruptcy and scandals affecting other clubs. Pescara were ultimately relegated in the 2006-07 season, with three presidential and managerial changes during the season.

Pescara have many rivals across Italy. Pescara's regional rivals are Chieti and L'Aquila, both team not having being faced since 2002 due to their financial troubles. Pescara share also notable rivalries with Marche clubs AC Ancona, Ascoli and Sambenedettese. During the 1970s, Pescara developed a strong rivalry with Lazio. Other rivalies include Napoli and Lanciano.

Pescara share two friendships with Vicenza and Messina. Pescara and Vicenza's friendships dates back to 1977 when both Ultras joined in alliance with each other. During the 2006-2007 Serie B season, Pescara and Vicenza celebrated 30 years of friendship together prior to their fixture.

*** the above information was taken from Wikipedia : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pescara_Calcio ***

Club Honours

Italian Serie B Champions: 1987

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Pre-Season 2008-2009

Manager Overview 2008-2009


History Screen 2008-2009


Current Squad 2008-2009


Team Competitions 2008-2009

Italian C1/B (Media Prediction) - 3rd
Italian C1/B (Personal Target) - Promotion playoff place (2nd-5th)

Italian Cup (Board Expectation) - 2nd qualifying round
Italian Cup (Personal Target) - 2nd qualifying round

Italian Serie C Cup (Board Expectation) - Not an important competition
Italian Serie C Cup (Personal Target) - Latter stages, some silverware would be nice!

Pre-Season Round Up

+ Very happy with the depth of the squad although....
+ .......I wanted to add another foward.
+ Current deadwood was offloaded.

28-07-2009, 19:40
Pescara is a club I have always liked due to having family there and I will follow your thread. :thup:

28-07-2009, 20:59
Thank you Romanista1994 :)

28-07-2009, 20:59

That is stunning. :thup:

28-07-2009, 21:09
That is stunning. :thup:

Does look amazing! :)

29-07-2009, 05:07
Good luck simon07 :thup: Hopefully you can fulfill the media's expectation.

I love the image of your manager! How did you get that into the game? And what skin is it you're using? Gives a great look to your game.

29-07-2009, 16:46
Raware: I went into the skinning forum, searched "manager facegen" and one of the posts has a gallery of images in there. Ask in that forum if you get stuck, as the guys are very very helpful in there.

The skin is "klasa", I got it from the sortitoutsi website!

And thank you Raware, I hope I can have a positive season!

29-07-2009, 22:29

01-08-2009, 07:48
I will be reading this one as Pescara is the home of future Nantwich Town legend Victor Irineu he is out on loan for first season. Very good set up you have here with the facegen and their ground looks fantastic. Good luck dude.

01-08-2009, 08:05
I will as well be following this.

Good Luck for the Dolphins

01-08-2009, 14:29
Acid Burn: Victor Irineu is a class player! Hopefully he will return next season for me as a Serie B player! Thank you for the response :) (I love that facegen, looks like an Italian old school manager! :D) Hopefully this career will be as impressive as your brilliant Nantwich thread :)

Saxonaitor: Thank you, I have been queitly enjoying your United Kingdom Journey!

01-08-2009, 14:56
Queitly? Well prehaps you should speak up! :D

01-08-2009, 15:13
One has spoken up now Saxonaitor! :p

01-08-2009, 16:36

June 2008 - August 2008 Round-Up

I didn't really get to work until early July, and the first thing I wanted to do was offload some deadwood. I offloaded 5 players.

Daniele Fortunato Novara Free
Stefano Prizio Val di Sangro 10k
Antonio Mottola Sambonifacese Free
Alessandro Iandoli Igea Virtus Free
Ivan Velluci Viareggio Free

By offloading the following players I had created a little bit of scope within my wage budget. Although I was in the market for a striker and possibly a goalkeeper, no additions were made.


Pescara 1-3 Wolfsburg (Fr)
Stella (21) - Grafite (18) Schafer (43) Gentner (74)

Renato Curi Angolana 0-9 Pescara (Fr)
Bazzani (17) Zeytulaev (17) Diliso (19) Ekani (22,28,56) Vitale (25) Giordano (36) Del Pinto (64)

Virtus Lanciano 0-1 Pescara (Fr)
Stella (47)

Penne 0-4 Pescara (Fr)
Cardinale (16) De Souza (26) Bazzani (31) Giuliano (62)

Castellarano 0-3 Pescara (Italian Cup 1st Qual. Rnd)
Zeytulaev (18) Ekani (74) Tine (87)

Pescara 0-2 Torino (Fr)
Bianchi (52) Rosina (58)

Grosseto 1-2 Pescara (Italian Cup 2nd Qual. Rnd)
Pellicori (16) - Bazzani (1) Perrulli (52)

Lazio 1-1 Pescara (Italian Cup 3rd Qual. Rnd)
Pandev (37) - Bazzani (62)

**Lazio won 5-4 on pens**

Pescara 4-2 Virtus Lanciano (Serie C1/B)
Pomante (23) Felci (30) Perrulli (81) De Souza (83) - Mammarella (45+2) Nardini (78)

A very good pre season, a decent cup run that was ended by Serie A giants Lazio. The opening league game was won 4-2, after going 2-0 there was a scare at 2-2, but two late goals won us the opening game.

League Pos: 7th

01-08-2009, 16:41
I like Pescara as I am sure they were in Serie A when Gazzetta Football Italia started on Channel 4.... ever since then the name has stuck with me. So I will follow this one and hope you can bring some success to the club.

01-08-2009, 16:44
Thank you Roolz :)

02-08-2009, 01:51
Unlucky in the Coppa Simon.

Subscribed here :thup:

02-08-2009, 19:54
Thank you notwordsbutdeeds. It was a shame about the cup but as you see there is a small consolation in the Serie C Cup!


02-08-2009, 21:10

September 2008 - November 2008 Round-Up

After the strong start in the opening league game (4-2 victory), I wanted the momentum to really start rolling and record back to back victories.


Juve Stabia 1-1 Pescara (Serie C1/B)
Biancolino (16) – Giuliano (13)

Pescara 2-1 Paganese (Serie C1/B)
Ekani (47) Stella (67) – Fanasca (87)

Ternana 2-1 Pescara (Serie C1/B)
Burrai (1) Borsoi (23) – Bazzani (36) Bazzani sent off (47)

Pescara 4-0 Arezzo (Serie C1/B)
Zeytulaev (6) Tine (22) Felci (52) De Souza (62)

Crotone 0-2 Pescara (Serie C1/B)
De Souza (5) Tine (25)

Pescara 1-1 Paganese (Italian Serie C Cup 1st Rnd)
Felci (9) – Fanasca (72) Cucciniello sent off (89)

**Pescara win 9-8 on pens**

Pescara 3-1 Cavese (Serie C1/B)
Camorani (47) Felci (71) Tine (82) – Tarantino (74)

Sorrento 0-3 Pescara (Serie C1/B)
Bazzani (13) Felci (35) De Souza (64)

Taranto 1-1 Pescara (Serie C1/B)
Sosa (50) – Siniscalchi (65)

Alghero 0-3 Pescara ( Italian Serie C Cup 2nd Rnd)
Zeytulaev (26,49) Ekani (43)

Pescara 2-0 Foggia (Serie C1/B)
Zeytulaev (15) Tine (57)

Pescara 4-0 Gallipoli (Serie C1/B)
Zeytulaev (12,43,70) De Souza (51)

Benevento 3-1 Pescara (Serie C1/B)
Clemente (17) Castaldo (26) Ignoffo (33) – Landaida o.g. (88)

Pescara 2-0 Ternana (Italian Serie C Cup 3rd Rnd Group D)
Zeytulaev (18) Siniscalchi (25)

Pescara 3-0 Perugia (Serie C1/B)
De Souza (10,46) Camorani (31)

Novara 0-2 Pescara (Italian Serie C Cup 3rd Rnd Group D)
De Souza (21,41)

Potenza 0-2 Pescara (Serie C1/B)
Cardinale (40) Stella (84)

League Pos: 3rd

I was delighted with how we was currently doing. Our attacking play was deadly at times and that showed with some big score lines going our way. I was only concerned with the odd poor performance. If we could stamp that out it was likely to be a positive season.
These performances were also on the back of takeover talk at the club, which obviously distracts from the tasks in hand.

02-08-2009, 21:40
How many automatic promotion places are there?

Keep it up dude you are going very well.

02-08-2009, 21:46
Only one automatic promotion place :(

Then 2nd-5th go into a playoff situation.

04-08-2009, 16:47

04-08-2009, 18:34

November 2008 - February 2009 Round-Up

It was time to kick on in the season. The next three months tend to shape teams seasons, so a positive few months would really help us push on.


Pescara 3-1 Pistoiese (Serie C1/B)
De Souza (19) Tine (29) Stella (44) – Fautario (68)

Foligno 0-5 Pescara (Serie C1/B)
De Souza (18,80) Tine (21) Stella (40) Pomante (62)

Pescara 5-0 Real Marcianise (Serie C1/B)
Stella (19) De Souza (38,50) Felci (43) Pomante (66)

Virtus Lanciano 1-2 Pescara (Serie C1/B)
De Napoli (41) – El Kamch o.g. (55) Tine (Pen 70)

Pescara 3-1 Juve Stabia (Serie C1/B)
Bau (45+1,51) Tine (Pen 85) – D'Ambrosio (80)

Paganese 0-2 Pescara (Serie C1/B)
Cucciniello o.g. (8) Pomante (64)

Pescara 5-0 Ternana (Serie C1/B)
De Souza (18,33) Felci (30) Bau (70,81) Zeytulaev sent off (90)

Arezzo 0-0 Pescara (Serie C1/B)

Virtus Lanciano 1-1 Pescara (Serie C Cup Semi Final Leg 1)
Colussi (42) – De Souza (22)

Pescara 3-0 Crotone (Serie C1/B)
Bau (28) De Souza (49,90+2) Stella sent off (72)

League Pos. 2nd

A super month from the side had seen us score freely and keep it fairly tight at the back.

January arrived, another four players were offloaded as between them they only racked up 7 appearances. The players below were offloaded:

Fabio Ferraresi – Crotone – 20k
Massimiliano Pisciotta – Real Marcianise – Free
Nicola Diliso – Pro Patria – Free
Rocco Colantonio Real Marcianise – Free

As players left I entered the market to add a couple of players. First of all we reached an agreement with Padova and Triestina for winger/forward Eder Bau. Both clubs agreed to sell their rights to the player for €140k each. Eder Bau is below:


I also went into the market for an experienced holding midfielder as extra competition, considering our first choice defensive midfielder had just turned 17! We contacted Chilean club Colo Colo about the availability of Jose Luis Cabion. Colo Colo agreed to sell him for around €700k. Jose Luis is below:


Overall, all I wanted was our superb form to continue.

04-08-2009, 19:19
I really like the Pescaro badge and the stadium near to the sea in that picture looks brilliant.
A good set of results in the league, lets hope it continues and you can hopefully claim that automatic promotion slot!

07-08-2009, 15:01

07-08-2009, 16:08

March 2009 - May 2009 Round-Up

If these 3 months were as good as the previous 3 months, we could end up as champions. I 100% believed in the depth on my squad.


Cavese 0-2 Pescara (Serie C1/B)
De Souza (32) Bazzani (75)

Pescara 3-0 Virtus Lanciano (Serie C Cup Semi Final Leg 2)
Cabion (4) De Souza (45+1) Bau (Pen 90)

Pescara 2-0 Sorrento (Serie C1/B)
Felci (24) Agnelli o.g. (34)

Foggia 1-1 Pescara (Serie C1/B)
Salagado (14) De Souza (2)

Pescara 2-0 Taranto (Serie C1/B)
Stella (7) Camorani (75)

Gallipoli 0-2 Pescara (Serie C1/B)
De Souza (21,40)

Pescara 1-0 Benevento (Serie C1/B)
Stella (25)

Perugia 0-0 Pescara (Serie C1/B)

Pescara 2-0 Potenza (Serie C1/B)
Felci (9) De Souza (22)

Pistoiese 1-2 Pescara (Serie C1/B)
Cortese (20) - De Souza (2) Bazzani (70)

Pescara 2-0 Foligno (Serie C1/B)
Stella (33) Bau (73)

Real Marcianise 0-2 Pescara (Serie C1/B)
Stella (17) Giunti o.g. (90+2)

Pescara 1-0 Benevento (Serie C Cup Final Leg 1)
Polverino o.g. (33)

Pescara 4-3 Cesena (Serie C Super Cup Final Leg 1)
Bau (16,75) Stella (40) Bazzani (63) Mondini (35) Motta (38,46)

Benevento 1-0 Pescara (Serie C Cup Final Leg 2)
Tesser (87)

** Pescara win 4-3 on pens**

So it was confirmed, Pescara had achieved league and cup success in my first season as manager. An unbeaten run of 22 games has won us the league title! In June there was still the 2nd leg on the Serie C Super Cup to be played.

08-08-2009, 12:42

Season 2008-2009 Review

Serie C1/B Final Position: 1st


Italian Cup: 3rd Qualifying Round (Lost to Lazio)

Italian Serie C Cup: Winners (Beat Benevento)

Italian Serie C Super Cup: Winners (Beat Cesena)

09-08-2009, 22:43
Well done Simon.

Looks like you have a mean defence there. Your keeper must have had loads of clean sheets.

10-08-2009, 23:57
Thank you WH!

The backline I was very impressed with!

The keeper ended up with 29 clean sheets in all comps. (Thats out of 47 games!)

11-08-2009, 14:44
Pre-Season 2009-2010

Manager Overview 2009-2010


History Screen 2009-2010


Current Squad 2009-2010


Team Competitions 2009-2010

Italian B (Media Prediction) - 18th
Italian B (Personal Target) - 16th (Or above!)

Italian Cup (Board Expectation) - 3rd qualifying round
Italian Cup (Personal Target) - 3rd qualifying round

11-08-2009, 14:45

11-08-2009, 18:13

June 2009 - August 2010 Round-Up

After an incredible season last term, my personal target for the team was to simply stay in the division. To do this, I knew we needed to strengthen, but with a weak transfer budget, players who weren't in my plans needed to be offloaded first.

Nearly 30 players left the playing staff from Pescara. A few went out on loan. The majority of players that have left, were out on loan last season at various clubs. The players who left are below:

Giovanni Scappaticci Centobuchi Free
Antonio Cardinale Cavese Free
Giorgio Di Vicino Catanzaro - 55k
Giampietro Perulli Ascoli - 300k
Gabriele Bartoletti Released Free
Alessandro Rapino Released Free
Daniele Croce Released Free
Angelo Corsi Virtus Lanciano Loan
Antonello Tabacco Virtus Lanciano Loan
Tiziano Pomposo Voghera Free
Matteo Ciofani Vibonese Free
Maria Andrea Argento Real Marcianise Free
Daniele Avantaggio Vibonese Free
Alfonso Camorani Alto Adige Free
Luigi Cuomo Messina Free
Michael Rosetti Virtus Lanciano Loan
Guiseppe Serao Vibonese - 10k
Alessandro Guamieri Messina Free
Lorenzo Del Pinto Virtus Lanciano Loan
Edoardo Bassi Messina Free
Francesco Zarini Viterbese Free
Roberto Cappai Vibonese - 3k
Daniel Ciofani Salernitana - 100k
Carlo Cavasinni Colligiana Loan
Alessio Colantonio Casale Free
Fabio Bazzani Modena - 200k
Cristian Zarini Salo Free
Daniele Fruci Ivrea Free
Antonio De Matteis Sassuolo - 100K

The mass exodus of players created a little bit of scope within the transfer budget to bring in some players. The wage bill was reduced by a massive 25%. In the transfer market I targeted an attacking midfield player and a central defender. As a new goalkeeper was already arriving, the two previous positions had become priority.

The first player to join us this summer was Dutch goalkeeper Denis Gentenaar. The 33 year old has signed a one year deal and joined from Dutch champions Ajax. He was limited to only reserve team football last season. He wages were slightly higher then we wanted to pay, but he only has a one year deal.


The next signing was a player that I personally was very excited about. After being allowed to scout the South American region for the first time, I quickly sent my scouts out to watch Colombian 19 year old (at the time) Sherman Cardenas. Sherman an attacking midfield player was watched for 3 games, twice for Colombian U20's and once for his previous club Bucaramanga. We quickly negotiated a deal with Sherman's clubs after reports that a Spanish side had shown interest in him. We quickly thrashed out a deal and Sherman signed for 140k. He put pen to paper on a 4 year deal.


Two players from our recently agreed parent club Udinese arrived. Holding midfielder Facundo Zampa (20 - Argentinian) arrived along side central forward Ferdinando Sforzini (24 - Italian). Both will add competition to starting places. Both will be on loan for the season.



Miami Athletic 2-4 Pescara (Friendly)
Wondolowski (50) Stevens (54) De Souza (14) Vitale (30,52) Testardi (73)

Miami FC Blues 1-0 Pescara (Friendly)
Greer (23)

Miami Tango 0-4 Pescara (Friendly)
Monaco (7,23,30) Irineu (89)

Pescara 1-0 Napoli (Friendly)
Romito (90+6)

Val di Sangro 0-2 Pescara (Friendly)
Sforzini (16) Bonsignori (36)

Pescara 3-0 AZ (Friendly)
Cardenas (8,37) Zampa (21)

OFI 0-0 Pescara (Friendly)

Diagoras 1-1 Pescara (Friendly)
Aposkitis (2) De Souza (55)

Pescara 4-0 Triestina (Italian Cup 2nd Qual. Round)
De Souza (23) Irineu (66) Cabion (71) Dettori (85)

Brescia 1-4 Pescara (AET) (Italian Cup 3rd Qual. Round)
Vass (31) Cardenas (9) Irineu (Pen 97,105+1) Dettori (99)

Grosseto 2-4 Pescara (Serie B)
Pichlmann (18) Sansovini (28) Cardenas (3,8) Zeytulaev (48) Irineu (62)

League Pos: 3rd

The start to this season was amazing! 3 super wins, scoring 12 goals! Cardenas has looked superb. New captain Zeytulaev has been brilliant along side him in advanced midfield roles.

15-08-2009, 22:34

17-08-2009, 15:38

September 2009 - November 2009 Round-Up

The first three games of the campaign were amazing. I was hoping that this positive start would continue, but secretly I weren't expecting it too!


Pescara 4-1 Modena (Serie B)
Irineu (15,63) Bau (Pen 23) Cardenas (73) Troiano (56)

Salernitana 1-1 Pescara (Serie B)
Bonvin (27) Giuliano (59)

Pescara 1-0 Catania (Italian Cup 4th Qual. Rnd)
Zeytulaev (70)

Pescara 1-1 Brescia (Serie B)
Sforzini (77) Zambelli (68)

Catania 6-0 Pescara (Serie B)
Morimoto (Pen 17,Pen 70) Baiocco (22,45+1) Dos Santos (36) Mascara (43)

Pescara 2-0 Cesena (Serie B)
Lequi (43) Bau (58)

Pescara 2-0 AlbinoLeffe (Serie B)
Bau (16) Cardenas (68)

Pescara 1-0 Livorno (Serie B)
Bau (48)

Treviso 2-1 Pescara (Serie B)
Piovaccari (16) Dall'Acqua (24) Bau (13)

Bologna 2-1 Pescara (Serie B)
Karimi (24) Maurice (45+2) Zeytulaev (26)

Pescara 5-0 Ternana (Serie B)
Cardenas (15,Pen 85) Dettori (38) Stella (47) Zampa (63)

Pisa 3-3 Pescara (Serie B)
Braiati (45) Genevier (47) Daino (64) Cardenas (72) Zeytulaev (78) Lequi (86)

Verona 2-1 Pescara (Serie B)
Marchesetti (23) Tommasi (63) Tine (40)

Pescara 3-0 Vicenza (Serie B)
Lequi (53) Bau (86) Dettori (90+2)

Parma 3-1 Pescara (Serie B)
Lucarelli (20) Juliano (39) Jorgensen (62) Sforzini (76)

Pescara 1-0 Piacenza (Serie B)
Dettori (75)

Siena 2-1 Pescara (Serie B)
Calaio (12) Manno (58) Bau (18)

League Pos: 9th

Although we dropped from 3rd to 9th, I was delighted with my team. Considering we are expected to finish near the bottom, a top half position after a few months of the campaign was very pleasing.

09-09-2009, 15:28
Like reading about this and im pretty sure my heart is set on living in Pescara after seeing the picture of the stadium. Good luck.
P.S try buy diego buonanotte