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24-07-2009, 21:01
Well, this is my first foray into this part of the forums, hopefully it goes well and I can have a successful career.

Here is the setup:
Unedited 9.3.0 Database

Nations Loaded:
United States

At first glance, there were a few clubs and nations without managers:

Club League Nation
FC Utrecht Eredivisie Netherlands
Feyenoord Eredivisie Netherlands
PSV Eredivisie Netherlands
Barueri Taca de Prata Brazil
CRB Taca de Prata Brazil
Gama Taca de Prata Brazil
Juventude Taca de Prata Brazil
FC Den Bosch Jupiler League Netherlands
Dinamo Bryansk Pervyy Division Russia
Mashuk Pervyy Division Russia
Sportakademclub Pervyy Division Russia
Zvezda Irkutsk Pervyy Division Russia

I have decided to apply to all of the available jobs, and we will see what comes of it. I am not expecting to get anything except one or two of the Russian jobs and maybe Martinique, but we shall see.

Not the best opening post, I know, but the quality later on will hopefully be much better. As always, I am willing to take advice and constructive criticism.

24-07-2009, 21:01
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24-07-2009, 21:25
Upon applying for all available jobs I heard back from:

- Zvezda Irkutsk who were willing to give me a two year contract at 725 a week with a transfer budget of nothing and a 4.9K/wk wage budget
- Mashuk who were willing to give me a a two year contract at 650 a week with no transfer budget and a 3.4K/wk wage budget
- Dinamo Bryansk who were willing to give me a two year contract at 725 a week with a transfer budget of 375K and a 4.9K/wk wage budget
- Sportakademclub wo were willing to give me a two year contract at 300 a week with a transfer budget of 37.5K and a 6.25K/wk wage budget

I have decided to delay my decision for a week and try to see if I get anything else and to see which squad I would be interested in taking over.

The PSV application was unsuccessful and they hired Foppe de Haan as their manager.
The Juventude application was unsuccessful as they hired Aderbal Lana.
The CRB application was unsuccessful as they hired Luiz Carlos Cruz
FC Utrecht hired Louis Coolen.
Gama hired Hugo Aparecido.
Senegal have approached me to be their manager.
Togo have approached me to be their manager.
Georgia have approached me to be their manager.

Upon careful consideration I have decided to take the Sportakademclub position as they boasted the largest squad and biggest wage budget.

24-07-2009, 23:37
Sportakademclub: A Background

Sportakademclub Moscow are a professional Russian club currently playing in the Rosgosstrakh Russia's Championship Pervyy Division. They play their home games at Krylja Sovetov and possess basic training facilities and a very basic youth setup.

Having enjoyed success as recently as 2007, Sportakademclub are a club with a growing history. Sportakademclub won Russia's 3rd tier for the only time in 2007.

First Impressions
Looking at the staff, it is apparent that I will need to shop around for an Ass Man, a coach, a physio and a scout.

There are no legends, icons, or favored personnel for this club. There are also no rivals, which depending on how long I decide to stay here, may change if we can get some success playing other teams from Moscow. Single game tickets appear to be free, or at least less than 1 and season tickets go for an average of 25. The club is valued at an estimated 300K and there are approximately 100 season ticket holders. Finances are listed as ok and we have a loyal squad that is predicted to finish 20th by the media.

Taking a look at affiliated clubs, we have a feeder club in Sportakademclub-2 in which players may move freely between the two clubs and we will pay them 3.75K a year. Zenit St. Peterburg are our parent club and we may receive players on loan, so hopefully we can get some help for the coming season.

Sportakademclub have very little history having only the aforementioned 3rd tier victory as the only hardware. Sergey Mateev has the most appearances and goals for the club with 188 and 52, respectively.

25-07-2009, 00:18

Mikhail Komarov (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/MikhailKomarov.jpg)- Pretty decent keeper for the level of play, will look to bring in another though as he is the only one.

Oleg Malyukov (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/OlegMalyukov.jpg)- Decent fullback, can play in the centre equally as well
Alexandr Covalenco (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/AlexandrCovalenco.jpg)- Has what I want in a full back, decent pace and stamina and good crossing, very aggressive and fairly brave, works hard, will feature a lot for me.
Oleg Kornaukhov (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/OlegKornaukhov.jpg)- Good crossing, pace isn't where it needs to be, will play to give Covalenco a rest but not often

Sergey Tsukanov (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/SergeyTsukanov.jpg)- Good height, a little skinny but can jump, a decent option but will look for better

Centre Mids
Andrey Nagumanov (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/AndreyNagumanov.jpg)- On loan from Zenit, best option at the position, looks like a top player for the division
Ruslan Rakhimov (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/RuslanRakhimov.jpg)- Team player, decent stats, will get a few games
Alexandr Burakov (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/AlexandrBurakov.jpg)- Will be retrained for DM if I can't get another DC as I will have to play a 3-5-2

Outside Mids/Wingers
Rinat Mavletdinov (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/RinatMavletdinov.jpg)- Won't play much, can dribble but that's about it
Dmitry Gusak (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/DmitryGusak.jpg)- Fast and decent for a winger might feature a bit
Mikhail Lunin (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/MikhailLunin.jpg)- Fast and good crosser, will play
Alexandr Danishevskiy (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/AlexandrDanishevskiy.jpg)- Very fast, will play mainly because I like speed
Dmitry Tikhonov (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/DmitryTikhonov.jpg)- one of my better wingers, works hard and with the team, definite playing
Oleg Tifonov (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/OlegTrifonov.jpg)- Easily the best winger, definite starter week in and week out

David Eliseo (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/DavidEliseo.jpg)- Not the best, not the worst, hopefully will get better
Eugene Gavryuk (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/EugeneGavryuk.jpg)- Good striker on loan from Lokomotiv Moscow
Dmitry Prokopenko (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/DmitryProkopenko.jpg)- good target man as a fringe player
Sergey Rodin (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/SergeyRodin.jpg)- Fast striker, will hopefully score a few

I definitely need to trim down the wages as I am just under my wage budget by a little bit. I need a DC and another DR hopefully can bring them in on loan for cheap. Not happy that my best striker is out on loan to a team and I can't terminate the loan. Need another GK as well.

25-07-2009, 03:14
What is your starting rep? Other than that a very good start

25-07-2009, 03:47
I set it as automatic

26-07-2009, 18:52

Friendly #1: January 25, 2008 (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/SportakademclubvTorpedoVladimir.jpg)
Sportakademclub v. Torpedo Vladimir
One of the easiest matches I have ever played, a ridiculous 7 goals were scored in the first half. Helped along by 2 own goals in the second half, we were able to win 10-0 in my first match in charge. Four goals by Danishevskiy were a huge bright spot and Tikhonov showed that my faith in him wasn't misplaced. Hopefully my loan signings will make an impact as we continue.

Friendly #2: January 27, 2008 (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/ReutovvSportakademclub.jpg)
Reutov v. Sportakademclub
Another quick goal by Andrey Nagumanov and we were well on our way to another victory. Not quite so many goals scored in this one but how many times will you score 10 goals in a match. A 3-1 victory is respectable but would like it to be better.

Friendly #3: February 4, 2008
Sportakademclub v. Spartak Moscow Reserves (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/SportakademclubvSpartakMoscowReserv.jpg)
Better opposition this time going against Spartak's Reserves. Midfielder's are playing well as we take a 2-0 lead into the half. A dominant second half saw our opposition not record a single shot in a 4-0 victory.

Friendly #4: February 21, 2008 (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/ZelenogradvSportakademclub.jpg)
Zelenograd v. Sportakademclub
Another 1st minute goal for Nagumanov gives us an early lead. A few more goals after an equalizer saw Sportakademclub walk away 4-1 winners.

Friendly #5: February 26, 2008 (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/SportakademclubvRbin.jpg)
Sportakademclub v. Rubin
A tough friendly against Rubin would show us how ready we are for the upcoming season. Went into the half with a 0-0 score. A goal in the 56th minute gave Rubin a victory but it was a hard fought match by my guys.

Prior to our sixth friendly, the odds for promotion came out, and at 300-1 Sportakademclub are looking at relegation most likely. Rostov are 6-4 favorites to gain promotion.

Friendly #6: March 6, 2008 (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/SportakademclubvTextilschikIvanovo.jpg)
Sportakademclub v. Textilschik Ivanovo
Yet another dominating performance in a friendly and we are ready for the season with our only preseason loss coming to a top side in Rubin.

Going into the start of the season, I have made 4 signings (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/History.jpg), 2 permanent and 2 loans.

Ilja Kiselev (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/IljaKiselev.jpg)- Brought in to play keeper for the year, will hopefully provide a great season and maybe gain us promotion, depending on how he does, may try to bring him back next year.
Dusan Rajda (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/DusanRajda.jpg)- A centreback brought in to bring some stability to the position and allow me to play a 4-4-2
Sergey Shumilin (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/SergeyShumilin.jpg)- A top end striker, for the level, brought in to score bunches of goals
Pavel Kudrin (http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq125/fuzzylightning/Career%20Game/PavelKudrin.jpg)- A tall centreback brought in to clear the line

25-08-2009, 15:18
Excellent Spartans5 i look forward to reading how your career progresses. Sergey Shumlin looks like he may well be your player of the season. Good look!!!!!