View Full Version : How to Loan Players?

21-07-2009, 20:55
Probs been asked a million times but the search function is useless.

How do you loan players on the latest patch?

I played FM 09 when i first got it and it was fine but now ive started playing agan with the latest patch and im finding it impossible to loan players. When i make a loan offer for a player the club always comes back demanding a fee of around 500k-1m, even for youngsters. What am I doing wrong? or is it now impossible to loan players without paying, realistic indeed.

21-07-2009, 21:02
It is realistic for not parent clubs to ask for a fee actually, it depends mostly on the team. However unfortunatly i dont play 09 so i cant help.

21-07-2009, 21:23
Most loans in real life have some sort of fee. Although I agree that the fees are too high in FM09 9.3.0, it is perfectly realistic that clubs want some money for their players' services.

Brian Shanahan
21-07-2009, 21:38
If the team are looking for an up-front fee you are either a rival, or they are looking into the possibility of offloading the player. If it is the latter put in a future fee for the rest of his value and they will almost always accept. That way you will get a player with good potential on the cheap.