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18-07-2009, 05:43
Game is run on FM09, with 9.3 update, DB is weegies update from June 2009
Leagues Run is Top 2 from Italy, Norway, Spain and BSP and above in England
Changed the Title

So I decided I needed a goal, just journeymanning about europe didn't do it for me. I had great fun writing this update though, and I will continue to do so. But I need a goal. And the 1k career goals from a striker has always been close to my heart. Though havent come close yet.
So I just thought up a new challenge for myself aswell.
I will attempt to beat every single record that Portsmouth has, except the negative ones I hope, bonus if I get them though ;-)


Highest League Position 1st in Premiership 2020/211st in the Premiership 1948/49
Lowest League Position *7th in League 2 (I would get fired so no)
Highest Attendance 51385 v Derby 26.2.1949
Highest Gate Receipts £925,000 v Juventus Champions League Grp A 30.09.2020 £700.000 v Everton FA Cup 6th Round 2010
Lowest Attendance 10348 v Lincoln Carling Cup 2nd round 2011
Average Attendance 20408 - 2018/19 19752 - 2012/2013
Biggest Win 10-0 vs Cheltenham(H) FA Cup 3rd rd 2.1.20219-1 v Notts Co 9.4.1927
Biggest Defeat *10-0 v Leicester 20.10.1928
Highest Scoring game 10-0 vs Cheltenham(H) FA Cup 3rd rd 2.1.2021
Highest Scoring League Game 7-2 vs Newcastle 17.11.2018 3-4 loss vs West Brom 19.8.2017 6-0 v Q.P.R (H) Championship 6.11.2010
Games Won in Row 7 - 19.4.1980 - 30.08.1980
Games Lost in Row *9 - 21.10.1975 - 15.10.1975
Games Without loosing 17 20.2.21 – 1.5.202115 - 16.4.1921 - 15.10.1921
Games Without Winning 25 - 22.01.1958 - 17.10.1958
Games without conceding 6 - 2.9.1978 - 26.09.1978
Games without scoring *6 - 12.10.1974 - 19.11.1974

Top Goalscorer Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran21.jpg) - 41 2020/21Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran19.jpg) - 24 2018/19 Marcelo Moreno - 19 2011/12
Top League Scorer Guy Whittingham - 42 1993/94
Most Goals in a Match 4 - Peter Harris v Sheffield United 9.10.1954
Most Assists Liam Howard (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/howard21.jpg) - 18 2020/21 Giorgos Makris (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/makris20.jpg) 2019/20 - 17 Gary O'Neil - 12 2010/11
Highest Av Rating Uwe Hollman - 7.39 (30 apps) 2016/17Marcelo Moreno 7.2 24 apps 2015/2016
Most Man Of Match Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran21.jpg)Steven Smith - 8 2010/11
Worst Discipline Uwe Hollman 13 yellow 1 red 2017/18 Gilberto Silva 8 Yellow / 2 Red cards 2009/10
Most League Apps for Club Jimmy Dickinson - 764 (Good lord! I'll see you guys in 25ish seasons)
Youngest Player Gary O'Neill - 16 Years 256 days v Barnsley 29.1.2000
Oldest Player Dave Beasant 43 years 32 days v Man City 21.4.2002(!)
Highest Transfer fee Paid £28mill - Nathan Miller (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/miller20.jpg) from Newcastle 1.7.2020£20 million for yury Malakhov (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/malakhov18.jpg)10.08.2017 11,5mill for Liam Howard (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/howard.jpg) Ipswich 1.01.2017
Highest Transfer Fee Recieved 22,500,000 - Lassana Diarra to R. Madrid 22.12.2008
Total Transfer Spending 55,000,000 2019/20 33,500,000 2016
Total Fees Recieved 46,500,000 2016
Fastest Goal Marcelo Moreno 16 seconds vs Bolton(premier league) 21.04.2012

I started in 2016/2017 season, when I took over Pompey
Records in bold are records I've succeded in taking
Records in cursive are records I will not bother with due to negative impact on team

Managing Career Summary
2008 02.02 Hired as IK Starts manager in Norway
2008 IK Start Finished 7th in the Norwegian Premier Division, Norwegian Cup Winners
2009 IK Start Finished 2nd in the Norwegian Premier Division
2010 IK Start Finished 1st in the Norwegian Premier Division, Norwegian Cup Winners
2011 IK Start Finished 1st in the Norwegian Premier Division
2012 27.03 Hired as Sampdoria manager
2011/12 Sampdoria Finished 13th in Serie A
2012/13 Sampdoria Finished 8th in Serie A, National Cup Runners up
2013/14 Sampdoria Finished 3rd in Serie A, National Cup Runners up
2014/15 Sampdoria Finished 1st in Serie A
2015/16 Sampdoria Finished 1st in Serie A, National Cup Winners, Supercoppa Italiana Winners
2016 11.06 Hired as Portsmouth Manager
2016/17 Portsmouth Finished 16th in The Premier League
2017/18 Portsmouth Finished 9th in The Premier League
2018/19 Portsmouth Finished 4th in The Premier League
2019/20 Portsmouth Finished 2nd in The Premier League, League Cup Winners
2019/20 Portsmouth Finished 1st in The Premier League, FA Cup winners

18-07-2009, 06:39
Nice start :thup: and well done on the 2 league title wins, particularly the 2011 season...only losing 1 league game! :thup:. Let's hope you can reproduce it at Sampdoria!

One thing i would say is don't include players' PA and CA as i think it's in the forum rules not to do so. Other than that, good work :thup:

18-07-2009, 09:50
Don't worry about being a career first time, we're all career virgins:D

18-07-2009, 14:55
Nice start :thup: and well done on the 2 league title wins, particularly the 2011 season...only losing 1 league game! :thup:. Let's hope you can reproduce it at Sampdoria!

One thing i would say is don't include players' PA and CA as i think it's in the forum rules not to do so. Other than that, good work :thup:

Thanks for the heads up about the PA :) should have been weeded out now



18-07-2009, 18:31
So my ambition with this game was to take over a norwegian side, then move on to bigger and greater things after a few seasons.

Henceforth, I started out as a manager of a club called IK Start, from the southern tip of Norway, city of Kristiansand. (I have little relationship with this club, except the fact that I drive past their Stadium every day to work. So I reckoned it being a good place to start)
This career thread, will mostly include end of season updates. (and I am atm a bit into the game, season 2016/17 atm)

2nd of February 2008 I take over Start. The season in Norway go from February to November
I told the board that I'd go for Qualification for Europe through League finish.
So I signed a few players in a bid to strenghten my squad.

in: out:
Fedor Smolov FC 130K Plenty of deadwood, won't list em all, got a total of 900k in
Roman Zozulya AMRC,FC 250K on sales that season
Rustam Khudzhamov GK 200K
Håvard Nordtveit DC,MC (Loan)

League Table Season 2008 (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/start08.jpg)

As you can see I failed pretty miserable with my goals, and the board wasn't happy with me.

Norwegian premier League: 7th
Norwegian Cup: Winner \o/ against Stabæk, with a 2:1 win, Mykland and Jesper Mathiesen scored the goals for my side.
So I did Qualify for Europe through winning the cup. I'm afraid this could get ugly. ;-) But on the other side, my cup win made me keep my job.

Top Goalscorer: Ole Martin Årst 13 (6 league goals)
Top Assist: Erik Mykland 9
Average Rating Roman Zozulya 7.35 from 28 apps

Fans Player of the year: Erik Mykland
My favourite: Roman Zozulya, thank god that one of my signings hit home.

Miserable league season, I had higher expectations. But fiddled alot with tacticts, 442, 433 and 451. With alot of tweaking. The cup win was pure luck =)

Season 2 2009 with Start in the Norwegian Premier Division

So yet again I tell the board I should be able to qualify for europe through league finish.

I am allowed to sign 1 more coach, so that is the first thing I do. Thor André Olsen currently unemployed.

Yet again I delve into the Transfer Market, I belive my squad is good enough, but a couple of reinforcements in the back would definately come in handy, since I due to injuries ended up using a striker as a left back last season.

in out:
Rafael Figueroa DRC 350k Solomon Owello -> VPS 26K
Ibrahim Sekagya DRLC 400k P. Bruer Hansen -> TOP Oss 75k
Håvard Nordtveit DC,MC (Loan) Geir L Fevang -> Häcken 70k
Mats Eira MC 18k Bernt Hulsker -> Odd 35k
Ruben Pettersen ST 100k Vidar Vikstøl -> Bryne Loan

Eira and Pettersen where Norwegian Regens with a decent potential. I stronlgy believe that both would rock the local league in a few seasons.
I fiddled a little more with tacticts and I didnt enjoy the best of starts. So I settled for a direct style 4-3-2-1 formation with hitman Smolov on top.

Season 2009 League Table (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/start09.jpg)

I had some more success this year! I notched up 5 straight wins in the end, and with my luck I was confident that I'd topple the League Leaders Vålerenga in the end. But to no avail.

Norwegian Premier Division: 2nd !
Norwegian Cup: Lost in the Quarterfinals
Europa League: managed to scramble through against Aalborg of denmark in 3rd round qualifying round. 4th and final I meet M.Haifa. And somehow I manage to hammer them 5-1 at home. With a 2-2 away I'm set for the League stage!
I get drawn with Liverpool, Club Brugge and Aris. I actually do quite well. My house is a fortress! I beat all 3 at home + Aris away. And I'm set for the first knockout round! (Liverpool hammered me 6-0 at Anfield. ********!)
But the first knockout round against M.Tel Aviv is to big a match for me. (I really had my hopes up at this stage, literally cheering when I pulled one of the weaker teams out of the hat) 2-0 win home, 3-0 loss away =(

Top Goalscorer: Fedor Smolov 22 (13 league goals)
Top Assist: Espen Børufsen 17
Average Rating Espen børufsen 7.60 from 22 apps
Fans POTY Smolov
My POTY Smolov, I was delighted that he started hitting the net after getting over his initial problems settling in the area.

Season 3 about to kick off :) 2010 and the club is still my Local IK Start

Now I am getting confident, my 4-3-2-1 formation is really doing wonders. So I tell the board that the title is as good as ours.

Transfer News:
With my success in the europa league, we're getting a healthy profit, and I now have a transfer kitty of 5mill. My main goal is a central midfielder and 2 fullbacks.

Kristian Morken 20k from Bodø Glimt(god knows what he was, he must have gotten a serious injury and retired =( )
Frank Torset 95k from Vålerenga promising dm/mc.
Michael Hughes Free from Chivas USA My biggest signing of the year, new regen with great stats 19 years old.
César Ibánez 600k from Atlas. DL very decent looking fullback
Chris Hildebrandt 1.2mill(!) D/WB R another great regen with great stats for his age.

Enough typing ,-)Transfers for 2010 (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/transfers2010.jpg)

And hurray for me!

3rd time lucky!
It was a bit closer than I'd like to admit, hit a slump mid season, but thankfully got out of it.
And other News
Ik Start do the Double!
The League and the Cup!
In the Europa League I'm drawn Zeta and Dinamo Tbilisi for the qualifiers, and neither put up much of a fight.
I'm drawn against Feyenord, Tottenham and CSKA Moscow in the group stage. I beat moscow at home, draw the 2 others, and loose all away games. :/

And there is trouble in paradise, almost all my new signings refuses to sign new contracts.. they all want to join bigger clubs. UNGRATEFUL GITS! Who where they until I signed em! they won't expire until 2012ish, but that's only 2 seasons away...
So over to the summary:
League: 1st \o/
Cup: winner \o/
Uefa league: Group stage. Still it is an achievement to get that far, and 2 seasons in a row! I try to find comfort in that. =)But I am now also slowly and very secretly checking out the scene of other clubs out in europe.

Player stats

Top Goalscorer: Fedor Smolov 25 goals (13 league goals)
Most Assist: Espen Børrufsen 16
Highest Rating: Fedor Smolov 7.39 49 apps
Fans Poty: Fedor Smolov
My Poty: Michael Hughes, 45 games, 7.15 rating 6 goals, but all of em was ridiculous screamers! Quick passing, sexy football!

2011! Season 4 in charge of IK Start in Norway

Board and I am in agreement, title is the only thing that counts, they also want me to reach the final of the cup, and enjoy my involvement in the Champions league!

Transfer Tiem!
Transfers 2011 (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/transfers2011.jpg)

I signed Henning Hauger a dmc from Stabæk, a solid working midfielder, did very well for me. And I also signed the one player who'd make a major impact on my game in the years to come.
Petteri Björkstrand (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/petteri.jpg) this picture is ofcourse from current date (2016) but still quite tasty in lack of better verbs =)
I could almost taste the 1k league goals he'd wrap up for me in the future. But I felt bad for ditching Smolov, so i adjusted the formation to a very attacking 4-4-2, reckoned that my team now had the quality to win nomatter what I did formation wise.

And I was right!

Norwegian Premier League 1st \o/\o/
Norwegian Cup.... Lost to vålerenga in round 3 :/
Champions league: 3 qualification rounds to go through I met Pelister, Maribor(who was the toughest game 2-1 ag I went through on) Then Mlada Boleslav. I was in the groupstage of the Champions League!
Sepp Blatter then thought it would be fun to throw me in with Valencia, Inter and Olympiakos..... Well I actually did quite well considered. I beat inter 2-0 and olympiakos 3-2 at home, and with a whopping 2-0 away in Greece. I was set for more europa league(lost the 3 others, Inter away 1-4, valencia 1-3 at home and away)but still 9 points, 3 wins 1.65 mill more in the coffers in pure prize money.

2011, I still had a mutiny on my hands. They performed well, everybody was superbly motivated. But none of my foreign stars wanted to sign an extension with IK START... 2012 was suddenly only a season away.
So i noticed a vacancy at Sampdoria in Italy. I applied, and what do you know!
February 2011 I left my local club IK Start for Italian Midtable outfit Sampdoria. The IK Start Chairman told me to rot in hell for my betrayal(I had just signed a 5 year extension with them). The Sampdoria Chairman welcomed me and told me that he wanted me to achieve a safe mid table position(they where in big dodo, a few points clear of relegation)

heh, I've spent 4 hours on this. And I am sorry for the messy layout, I was kinda learning how to do this as I typed =)
Anyways, I'll throw up the seasons at sampdoria later today, I need some sleep. since I now also know how to make links to pictures/players =) I'll share quite a few of the decent regens I've signed and lost.
Good night/morning =)

Season 4 continued -> 2011 start-> 2011/2012 Sampdoria
So I come into Sampdoria, with 8 games left of the season.
I manage to notch up 4 Wins and 4 losses. Must admit i was pulling my hairs out, not used to loosing with 4ish goals =) But 12 points is 7 more points than the relegeate candidates got. So we set our eyes at the new season.

Season end with Sampdoria 2011/12 (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/sampdoria11-12.jpg)

Anyways short season summary:
Top Goalscorer: Salvatore Foti 13 goals(12 League)
Most Assist. César Villaluz 6..
Highest Rating: Salvatore Foti 7.32 24 apps
Fans POTY Salvatore Foti
MY POTY Just came into the squad, and only 8 games, but my Brazilian Winger Thiago Neves impressed me the most.

So Tiem to give em my best. Show the people I belong in the big tier!

Season 5 in Sampdoria 2012/13

Whohoo the highlight of the game for me! finally a proper summer, with scouting and signing and rejecting bids. Theorizing how I can improve my team!.
Well the plan was to sign a handfull of quality players, 3-4, and blend them in with the current squad. Then go for another handfull next season.
Our left winger Thiago Neves was great though. But the ******* was unhappy(bigger club please), and that tends to go on my nerves. Ungratefull shmock!

So Here we go again! it's time to go bonanza in the transfer market. So only a handfull of reinforcements. Nomore than 4 I tell you. Perhaps a 5th as a super sub.
Transfer Screen from 2012/13 (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/transfers12-13.jpg)

*sigh* I bought 19... *sigh*

Greatest highlights of the Transfers.
Miralem Pjanic (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/pjanic.jpg) Awesome player at a bargain price!!
Petteri Björkstrand (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/petteri.jpg) I like him mkay
Juan Carlos Salamanca (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/salamanca.jpg) I had high hopes for this one, he didn't want to come over, so I gave him a monster contract to join me. He then did the sensible thing and joined me.

And I decided to go with the 4-3-2-1 formation I had used previously at start. and Petteri had putted a decent amount of goals for me in that formation.

I told the Board of Directors that I strongly believed that I could make the qualification through league finish.
They wanted me to reach the 1st round of The local Cup
no european Competition.

All this summarizum, Feel like I'm being very repetitive here.
Here we go for the end of the season!

League finish: 8th. The board was not happy about that.
The Cup: Runners Up, lost 0-1 to Juventus in the final. Broke my heart it did.

Player stats:
Top Goalscorer: Thiago Neves (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/neves.jpg) 10 goals in total, 9 goals in the league
Most Assists: Kristoffer Carlsson (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/carlsson.jpg) with 15. New signing, and made a great impact.
Highest Av rating: Kristoffer Carlsson (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/carlsson.jpg) 7.26 39apps
Fans POTY: Kristoffer Carlsson again.
My POTY: Well let's focus on the negative. My dissapointment of the season was Petteri Björkstrand (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/petteri.jpg) he finished with a total of 8 goals.
Partially blame should come on me. I could not get the 4-3-2-1 formation to work in italy. We where outplayed almost every match. even the ones we won, we usually had half the amount of shots at goal as the opposition.So I decided to go for a pretty standard 4-4-2 formation, with hopefully quick flowing of the ball, plenty of passing. And playing it down the wings, having my crossess hit the giant Bjorkstrand(192 cm high, and quite decent in the air aswell.)

I had already secured a world class GK on free transfer for the next season.
I did have Fiorillo (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/fiorillo.jpg), who was far from a bad keeper, but he made some mistakes this past season which made me loose my trust in him.
Both Buffon and Petr Chech had expiring contracts, so I offered them both 130k a week, 6.5 mill sign on fee, 26k appearance fees and 26k clean sheet bonus.
Buffon rejected(which I really didn't approve of, I had a captain problem in my team, and his experience and high influence would have made him a solid addition)
Chech on the other hand actually accepted. \o/ Should give me a few points alone next season.

Season 2013/2014 currently employed by Sampdoria in Serie A

So back to the annual preseason meating with the My main man Riccardo Garrone, Chairman of Sampdoria.

We agree on taking it a little slower this time, and agree on achieving a respectable league position in Serie A
And they want me to reach the Quarter Final of the Cup.

So an 8th place, we'll need to improve on that.
I was still in the market for a captain. An italian captain. Buffon was a nogo, so I stumble over another one.
Gennaro Gattuso, contract has already expired with Espanyol, So I get him for free.
Transfers for 2013/14 (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/transfers13-14.jpg)
As you can see I lost Kristoffer Carlsson to Barcelona. So I went in an bought Moussa Sissoko (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/sissoko.jpg) and pushed Pjanic (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/pjanic.jpg) out from CM to MR.
My new left wingback from last season Alaistair Devlin (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/devlin.jpg) went to Arsenal for 29 Mill. Both of the bids where accepted by the chairman =(
I was upset about loosing Carlsson, but not so much about Devlin, there was an equally good left back available in England, another scotsman actually, called Gary McDonald (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/mcdonald.jpg) who I signed for 10.25k million.

So here we go
I had a good season this time, I might be superstitios, but I believe there is a strong connection between team performance and the captaincy. So I actually thing that Gattusso with his 18 influence, 20 determination did wonders as the battling midfield.


3rd! I was flying, I thought a 6th position was where I'd end. 80 points is massive, and it only secured me a 3rd place. Made me realise that winning in Italy might be very very tough.
All in all, my new 4-4-2 formation did the trick. I played reasonable sexy football, defense was still a bit leaky for my taste. But in the games I was seriously outplayed, Chech usually did what he was payed so immensely to do.

Player Stats
Top Goalscorer: Petteri Björkstrand (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/petteri.jpg) with 31 goals, 26 league goals and the leagues top goalscorer!
Most Assists: Thiago Neves returns to the scene with 20.
Highest av rating: Rakovic (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/rakovic.jpg) Thanks to him challenging the Keeper...
Fans POTY: Thiago Neves
My POTY: Delighted that Petteri finally started slamming the goals in.

18-07-2009, 19:56
Season 2014/2015 Employed at Sampdoria, and ready for the Champions League!

Board Expectations:
Qualify for europe through League finish
Reach the Group Stage of the Champions League
Semi Final of the Cup

So I now have transfer kitty of 60ish million.
I feel that my team has decent coverage on all fronts. Though I'd like a better DC to couple up with Last seasons highest av rating Rakovic (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/rakovic.jpg) So I buy my first ever Saudi Arabian I think in my history of the game. Yousef Al-Marzooq (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/yousef.jpg)
And I go into the records for highest transfer fee payed sofar. I give Atletico madrid an offer for Sergio Agüero (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/aguero.jpg) 48 Million £ +50% of profit from the next sale. Who cares I won't sell him until he starts going bad. And then it won't be for anywhere near 48 mill.
6 months later Barcelona makes a bid for 88 mill... Chairman accepts, and I loose out on him. And ofcourse the 50% profit fee which I at this point have absolutely no sane comment on. Glad I didnt make this post when it happened, I would be banned now :)

Great Season for me all in all!


Serie A only improved 5 points on last season, but luckily AC Milan took a turn for the worse, so I won the Scuddetto(?) \o/
Champions league... I meet Sporting CP in the qualification round 3. I beat em 2-0 at home. Loose 0-3 away =(
Europa league here we come, and I was confident that this season i had the team to win it! But Deportivo shows us how to play on a result. won 2-1 at home. Lost 0-1 away. And I'm out. Kudos to them though, very solid defensive game. Only failed to score in 3 games in total that season. (sporting away, palermo away 0-0, and deportivo away)
The Cup -> My nemesis AC Milan got me in the Quarter final 1-2 Loss

Player Stats:
Top Goalscorer: Petteri Bjørkstrand (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/petteri.jpg) 45 \o/ 36 in the League =)
Most Assists: Miralem Pjanic (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/pjanic.jpg)23
Highest av Rating: Bjørkstrand 7.44 50 apps
Fans POTY: Bjørkstrand =)
My POTY: Carlos Quintero (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/quintero.jpg) I finally sold Neves in the preseason for 17.25mill to tottenham, a bid I accepted. He still wanted to join a bigger club... His loss. And he was getting old 29 I think it was when I sold him. Carlos Quintero a youngster I bought in last season took the step up like a champ, with a 7.22 rating for the season.

Season 2015/16 Sampdoria in Serie A and current holder of the Serie A title!

The board wants me to Challenge for the Serie A title this season
Reach the 1st knockout stage of The Champions League
And they don't consider the Italian Cup important enough to set any goal.

Transfer Market Summer 2015.
I know have nearly a complete team, and I invest heavily in youth. No significant players out.
Transfer Screen for Season 2015/16 (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/transfers2015-16.jpg)

Back to back title wins!

Serie AAwesome season, was sure I'd break AC Milans 91 point record, but Napoli spurned me in the second last fixture of the season. I succumbed a 1-2 loss, and 92 points was impossible. But 89, was great. And I have improved myself every season for the 4 seasons I've ben here.
The Champions League Thank god I have no qualifiers to mess up this season. My personal goal is the Semi Final, but SI wants it differently, I get grouped with Man C, Shaktar and olympiakos. So I go through with ease, winning 5 loosing 1 away in manchester. Platini(I wrote Blatter earlier, and didnt think of the fact that the CL is an UEFA matter not FIFA=)) pits us up against Valencia. And sadly, 1-2 Loss away and 0-0 home. I'm out.
The Italian Cup I'm set up for my 3rd final in this competition and I really really really want to win it. And I do! 3-1 winners against Roma!

Sampdoria does the Double!

Player Stats:
Top Goalscorer: Petteri Bjørkstrand again (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/petteri2016.jpg) 34 Goals 21 League Goals
Most Assist: Miralem Pjanic (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/pjanic2016.jpg) with 15 Assists.
Highest Av Rating: Juan Carlos Salamanca (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/salamanca2.jpg) 7.31 38 apps
Fans POTY Juan Carlos Salamanca (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/salamanca2.jpg)
MY POTY in agreement with my outstanding fans.

So as some of you may have noticed you've seen the dates 2016, and Portsmouth up in the top left corner of many of the screens.
during this season I took a look at many of the youngsters I've bought the last 4 years, many of them have been in the youth team, some of them in the Reserve team. To make sure that everybody gets their match practice. This is when I discover that the Italians doesnt have a reserve league... So some of the youths who where once promising havent played a single game in 3-4 years. And their stats have suffered. I've tried to loan out every single one of em throughout the season, but not a single loan bid has come in. Not one! And that kind of blew the air out of the will to continue on in Italy. Barcelona offered me the job in the mid season. I was not tempted. So I noticed an opening at Portsmouth. And I thought, why not. Let's go. Let's give the Pompey fans the success they crave and deserve! And hopefully Kick some villa butt while we're at it.

Sofar My career has been uplifting.

IK Start
2 League Wins 2010,2011
2 Cup wins 2008,2010

2 League Wins 2015,2016
1 Cup Win 2016 (Runners up 2013,2014)
1 Supercoppa 2015

18-07-2009, 21:29
2016/17 Managing Pompey in English Premier League. Season 1 in charge of Portsmouth
Since I've now caught up to present date(yay) I'll now do more detailed insight into the team I have at the moment.
I've done it again. I've sold lots of deadwood, and signed a total of 19 new players. I am looking for another DC of decent quality. But that will have to wait until January window. I have a remaning Transfer Kitty of 40 million to splash on a defender, and I intend to do so if I find one.

I've raided my old club Sampdoria for 4 players
Giorgos Makris (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/makris2016.jpg) AML for 2 mill
Michel Peters (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/peters2016.jpg) DC for 500k, planned as a backup DC, but due to my uncontrolled urge to sell off old players. I'll end up using him as a 1st choice
Luca Giacalone (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/giacalone2016.jpg) a product of Sampdorias youth academy, he has insane pace acceleration and crossing, I hope some of the other stats will follow. WB/DL
Simon Wilson (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/wilson2016.jpg) DMC, hopefully one day he'll end up as my battling midfielder.
+ 15 more players from around the world =)
transfer screen after the transfer window in 2016 (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/transfers2016-17.jpg)

Portsmouth First team 21 players
GK |Vasilis Michailidis (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/michailidis2016.jpg) This one I noticed a couple of years ago in Bayern Munich. At 16, he had already notched up 3 caps for Greece.
GK |Gary Ainsley (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/ainsley2016.jpg) Young promising bloke picked up at free transfer, intended as reserve goalie.
SW,DC |Uwe Hollman (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/hollmann2016.jpg) Very decent Centre Back.
DR |Alexandru Negrila (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/negrila2016.jpg) My right back of choice
DC |Daniel Machacek (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/machacek2016.jpg) 17 year old very promising CB
DC |Paolo Marrazzo (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/marrazzo2016.jpg) 18 year old Italian CB, promising
DC |Michel Peters (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/peters2016.jpg)Good backup player. But 1st choice for now
D/WBL |Luca giacalone (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/giacalone2016.jpg) Right stats in the right places, might turn golden.
WB/AMR |Leandro Diaz (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/diaz2016.jpg) Currently training to become a DR
DM,MC |Martial Riff (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/riff2016.jpg)Very good DMC who where at the club when I came. Keeping him
DM,MC |Simon Wilson (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/wilson2016.jpg) Promising DMC from Sampdoria. Needs a tad more training though, matching and training. Hopefully do the trick =)
MC |Pierre Lemiere (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/lemiere2016.jpg) A name that rhymes, can one ask for more ?
AM RC |Daniel Gildea (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/gildea2016.jpg) I'm not sure about this one. But the only right winger I have, so the spot is all yours.
AM LC |Gael Kakuta (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/kakuta2016.jpg) Good stats, but wants to move to a bigger club. Have I told you I easily get annoyed by that. So he can go join
| Tottenham like the rest of the useless bunch.
AM LC |Joe Ledley (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/ledley2016.jpg)Another decent player who was here before my arrival.
AML |Giorgos Makris (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/makris2016.jpg) Tasty looking left winger. Give him a few seasons, and I'll loose him to a big club... ;-)
AMC |Miguel Arteaga (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/arteaga2016.jpg)Cousin of Arteta, solid proof of the myth that White Men Can't Jump.
AMC/FC |Morgan Ekberg (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/ekberg2016.jpg)Swedish Attacker Good allround stats.
FC |Ibrahim Gueye (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/gueye2016.jpg) 500k now that is a bargain, his stats are great, only 20. He could go places.
FC |Claudiu Raducu (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/raducu2016.jpg) Again a player with decent allround stats as Ekberg, I'll try and match them equally, and hopefully they'll develop alot within the next few seasons.
ST |Aleksandar Milenkovic (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/milenkovic2016.jpg) Promising, but 11 finishing, 10 heading. :-/ I'll try to loan him out.

Board Expectations
Premiership Achieve a safe mid-table postition
FA Cup Fifth Round
League Cup Fourth Round

My Expectations
Premiership Many new players, new style of play, if I get 12ish I'll be delighted.
FA Cup No expectations at all. If i go out early I wouldnt mind. The fewer game the better at this stage
League Cup I dream of winning it, but doubt it, a quarter final place should be achievable with some luck with the draws.

Now back to playing :) thanks for reading

[edit: I resized the pictures in the thread, because I thought it looked to big and clumpsy =)]

Welsh Wizard
19-07-2009, 03:20
Nice read and the layout looks good KUTGW

and to center put these around the URL [CENTER] [@CENTER] and @ = / or press the button with 3 lines going down like = I hope that helps

19-07-2009, 03:36
Nice read and the layout looks good KUTGW

and to center put these around the URL [CENTER] [@CENTER] and @ = / or press the button with 3 lines going down like = I hope that helps

Thanks for the help there :) appriacte it!

19-07-2009, 03:56
January Update


League Table 1st of January 2017 (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/january2017.jpg)
Premier league player stats January 2017 (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/pstatjan2017.jpg)

I've signed 2 new players. My right winger Gildea (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/gildea2016.jpg) was just as awfull as
I feared he would be. And Gueye (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/gueye2016.jpg) my best striker got injured and the others are not up to the task. So incoming one AMRC and one AMR/FC.
Liam Howard (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/howard.jpg) AMRC bought for £11,5 mill. And I'm excited about this bloke!
(and I broke my first record! Not the hardest one though, but still 1 more down)
Roman Zozulya (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/zozulya.jpg) AMRC/FC for £6,75mill from Sampdoria. Wasn't getting the hours he wanted was unhappy, though he did not want to discuss terms initially, but I gave him an offer he couldn't refuse.(hopefully my finance director will forgive me)

I'm lying at 12th in the league so clearly happy about that. A 4-0 loss against Arsenal is the biggest sofar. On the definite upside a truly memorable victory against West Ham stands out as the highlight, with a 2-1 win and the goals where scored in 90+2 and 90+4.

In other News for those who are interrested. A couple of major awards was just announced.
World Footballer Of the Year 2016 (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/wfoty.jpg)
World Player Of The Year 2016 (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/wpoty2016.jpg)

And if someone wants a screenshot of something just ask and thou shalt recieve. I was thinking of doing updates on everything, but
decided against it :) And thanks Welsh Wizard
Back to managing, see you guys in June!

19-07-2009, 19:31
End Of Season 2016/17 Update

League Table

I had the worst second half of a season ever. 2 wins, 7 draws and 9 losses. My job status is very insecure. In retrospect, both my
previous first seasons have been underachieving aswell. So improvement here we come! (doesnt take much though)

Premier League Finished 16th with 37 points
FA Cup 3rd round vs Ipswich 0-1 loss
League Cup 2nd round vs Aston Villa 1-3 loss

Fixture list (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/fixtures16-17.jpg) for Portsmouth 2016/17
Player Statistics (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/pstats16-17.jpg) for Premier League 2016/17

Then Over to the nervewrecking Pompey Player awards!

Player Awards
Top Goalscorer Uwe Hollman (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/hollman16-17.jpg) 12 goals, 11 League Goals
Most Assists Giorgos Makris (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/makris16-17.jpg) - 11
Highest av Rating Uwe Hollman (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/hollman16-17.jpg) - 7.39
Most MoMs Uwe Hollman (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/hollman16-17.jpg)- 6
Worst Discipline Michel Peters (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/peters2016.jpg) - 10 Yellow 1 Red
Fans POTY Uwe Hollman (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/hollman16-17.jpg)
My POTY Giorgos Makris (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/makris16-17.jpg) he was dangerous on the left wing, went past defenders often,
and then decided to kick it out for a throw in.


The board called me in to a meeting, where they told me about Pompeys ambition for the 2017/18 Season.

Premier League The minimum expectation is that the team stay clear of relegation from the Premiership this season.
FA Cup Minimum expectation is that the team reach the Fifth Round of the FA Cup.
They have given me a
Wage Budget of £834,415 pr week (currently using 521,697) Which allows me to offer contracts in the 80k a week region.
Transfer Budget of £46,5mill So I do have some spending power.
The Current balance is £49,3mill, and we made a £13,6mill profit last season.

My thoughts on next season
I went for the minimum exptation in EPL, I don't think i'll struggle at the bottom. 10ish perhaps ? But choosing the lowest gives me a better chance of improving their view of me. At the moment, my job status is Very Insecure. And I don't want to get sacked just yet. Hopefully they'll be delighted with me by christmas!
Some transfers incoming, but I'll wait til July to link em in here. 7 in total, and mostly youngsters for the future.

Atm on an 11 games run without a win. I might be able to break the record of 25 games without winning from the 20's.

Best Prospect from the academy 2017/18
My assman Del Piero told me that Stuart Ashton (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/ashton17-18.jpg) was one of the greatest prospects to come through the youth ranks of Portsmouth recent years.

Transfers in summer 2017

Maicon (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/maicon17-18.jpg) - A solid left and right back. Signed him last season, but agreed to transfer at the end of the english season.
Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran17-18.jpg) This one I will regret. He will cost me points. Plan is to put him straight in the first 11, hopefully to get a good start at 1k goals =)
Rob Smith (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/smith17-18.jpg) Talented DC try to loan him out
Andy Williams (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/williams17-18.jpg) another talented DC. I have too many DC's now. =)
Peter Downes (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/downes17-18.jpg)Bargain, but not my typical defender.
James Bull (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/bull17-18.jpg) Another Potato, nice to have players who can play in multiple locations. English aswell and has decent stats.

Michel Peters (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/players/peters2016.jpg) to Fiorentina for 10.25mill! don't know how, but they kept bidding, i kept rejecting. when they jumped from 7 to 10 mill... I was delighted!
Giacalone (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/giacalone17-18.jpg) is a player I'll be looking to sell. He alone cost me 6pts last season, creating 3 penalties against me. But one was in the 4-0 arsenal loss. So didnt matter. The others where games I lost by 1 goal. (technically he then cost me 2 points, but 6 points sounds better) Arsenal actually made a bid for him for 9mill in January. But I had no left back in reserve... so I said no. I'm going to regret that for the rest of my life.

Transfer Screen (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/transfers17-18.jpg) for those who want to see the prices n such

And I got to reject quite a few job offers this season.
Henning Berg got Sacked from Blackburn in October
Curbishly from Manchester United in November
Ancelotti from Chelsea in December
Benitez from Manchester City (didnt get offered the city job though, but still funny to see him in Man C, after all his complaining about their money!)

And that's what I got in me for now :) Back to playing, cyas in a few months

21-07-2009, 02:03


Awards 2017
European Goalkeeper of the Year Peter Cech (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/cech18.jpg)
European Defender of the Year Mamadou Sakho (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/sakho18.jpg)
European Midfielder of the Year Diego (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/diego18.jpg)
European Striker of the Year Boris Nikolic (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/nikolic18.jpg) (I'll try and trade him for one of mine!)
European Fotballer of the Year Boris Nikolic (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/nikolic18.jpg)

World Footballer of the Year Petteri Björkstrand (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/petteri18.jpg) (why did I leave him behind)
World Player of the Year Boris Nikolic (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/nikolic18.jpg)

Would like to thank the other posters in here who started(that I know of) with these newspage lookalike updates. Awesome work guys, and I stole youre idea(raware, hursty + others) :) Thanks for the inspiration.

And to summarize my first half of the season(with the exception of the last 4 games) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ora35AzLxt0&feature=PlayList&p=AFFAE156A2ADC2FF&index=0

Welsh Wizard
21-07-2009, 03:16
I must admit the newspaper/websites updates are the best and good choice to use them Cenotaph :thup: and if I ever post a career of mine they will be included somehow.

Petteri Björkstrand I bet you wished you took him with you :p

Blackburn don't like managers :D

Nice win vs Liverpool:D

21-07-2009, 04:07
Excellent work Cenotaph :thup: I like the look of your layout. Results wise - it's been a bit inconsistent for you, let's hope you manage to stay clear of relegation this year.

Good work so far :thup:

21-07-2009, 11:18
Good thread, great, long, big posts, I like it. A career with ups and downs just like rl. Keep it up.

Blackburn don't like managers I see.

21-07-2009, 19:10
I must admit the newspaper/websites updates are the best and good choice to use them Cenotaph :thup: and if I ever post a career of mine they will be included somehow.

Petteri Björkstrand I bet you wished you took him with you

Blackburn don't like managers

Nice win vs Liverpool:D

I doubt that my new english starlet Curran will reach the same heights as Bjorkstrand, but have him on his own training schedule, with focus on finishing and set pieces. Hopefully those will improve pretty fast. And I can also set him to do my free kicks. (I have a second aim for 1k goals for him, though in doubt I can do that in premier league in fm09)

Hehe blackburn are funny =) Mick McCarthy is the new manager, I'm taking bets in the dressing room on how long he'll last. 2-1 odds he is gone by christmas atm.

Always fun to beat the top teams

Excellent work Cenotaph :thup: I like the look of your layout. Results wise - it's been a bit inconsistent for you, let's hope you manage to stay clear of relegation this year.

Good work so far :thup:

Thanks =) And as the update soon will show, I managed to scrape through the season without getting canned (which I was seriously worried about)

Good thread, great, long, big posts, I like it. A career with ups and downs just like rl. Keep it up.

Blackburn don't like managers I see.
Thanks for the compliment m8. Ups and downs, I must honestly say I do prefer the ups =)

21-07-2009, 20:38


2017/18 Premier League Table

2018/19 SQUAD

GK Micha (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/micha18.jpg)
GK Gary Ainsley (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/ainsley18.jpg)
SW,DC Uwe Hollman (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/hollman18.jpg)
D RL Maicon (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/maicon18.jpg)
DR Alexandru Negrilã (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/negrila18.jpg)
DC yury Malakhov (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/malakhov18.jpg)
DC Paolo Marrazzo (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/marrazzo18.jpg)
D/WB/AMR Leandro Díaz (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/diaz18.jpg)
D/MC Peter Downes (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/downes18.jpg)
DM,MC Simon Wilson (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/wilson18.jpg)
MC Pierre Lemiere (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/lemiere18.jpg)
AM RC Daniel Gildea (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/gildea18.jpg)
AM RC Liam Howard (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/howard18.jpg)
AM RC Miguel Arteaga (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/arteaga18.jpg)
AM L Giorgos Makris (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/makris18.jpg)
AML LC,FC Jason Bull (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/bull18.jpg)
AM/FC Morgan Ekberg (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/ekberg18.jpg)
FC Ibrahima Gueye (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/gueye18.jpg)
FC Claudiu Rãducu (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/raducu18.jpg)
ST Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran18.jpg)

DC Daniel Machacek (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/machacek18.jpg)
DC Rob Smith (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/smith18.jpg)
DC Andy Williams (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/williams18.jpg)
DRC Sékou Gueï (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/guei18.jpg)
DM, MLC Mike Torres (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/torres18.jpg)
ST Aleksandar Milenkovic (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/milenkovic18.jpg)

DR Stuart Ashton (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/ashton18.jpg)
DRC Steve Breach (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/breach18.jpg)
MC Sean Douglas (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/douglas18.jpg)

Highest Scoring League Game 3-4 loss vs West Brom 19.8.2017
Worst Discipline: Uwe Hollman (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/hollman18.jpg) 13 yellow 1 red 2017/18
Highest Transfer Fee Paid: £20 million for yury Malakhov (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/malakhov18.jpg) 10.08.2017

Players inducted into the Portsmouth Best 11
Overall Best 11 (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/best11.jpg) Howard and Makris are in the first 11, Micha, Hollman, Negrilã and Gueye squeezed into the subs.

Portsmouth Awards
Top Goalscorer: Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran18.jpg) 13 - 10 league goals
Most Assists: Giorgos Makris (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/makris18.jpg) 8
Hihhest av Rating: Pierre Lemiere (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/lemiere18.jpg) 7.30 28 apps
Fans POTY: Pierre Lemiere (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/lemiere18.jpg)
My POTY Pierre Lemiere (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/lemiere18.jpg) I like this one, he tackles, gets booked and he scores! (2 reds 6 yellows and 8 goals in 25 league games injury and bans kept him from getting more games)

Board Expectations
Premier League achieve a respectable league position
FA Cup 5th round of the FA CUP

My Expectations
Premier League Qualify for europe (hope to build on the strong finish from last season
FA Cup I have no expectations what so ever
League Cup If I'm lucky, I hope to win this.

Transfer Kitty: £83 million
Wage Budget: £834,443 pr week, 551,424 used
Balance: £64 million

22-07-2009, 08:02
omg, I just realised my right winger, is a leftie. no wonder he always messes about before the cross comes

22-07-2009, 14:04
1st of January 2018 brief update


League Table 1st of January 2019


European Goalkeeper of the Year Iker Casillas (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/casillas19.jpg)
European Defender of the Year Giorgio Chiellini (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/chiellini19.jpg)
European Midfielder of the Year Francesc Fàbregas (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/fabregas19.jpg)
European Striker of the Year Boris Nikolic (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/nikolic19.jpg)
European Footballer of the Year Boris Nikolic (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/nikolic19.jpg)
Golden Boot Screen of top 3 (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/goldenboot18.jpg)

The briefness of this one is due to me being in the form of my life, and afraid that prolonged absence from the game will break my current run!

Welsh Wizard
22-07-2009, 23:22
wow 2nd could you win the prem:eek:

23-07-2009, 08:04
wow 2nd could you win the prem:eek:
I was strong in faith! But sometimes it takes more =) Arsenal was unreachable anyways, and 4th, gives me Champions league, so I'm very very pleased all in all. Goal scoring was reduced noticably due to injury to Gueye for half the season. But on to bigger and better things this season. I hope I get lucky with the qualification draws for CL.






Average Attendance 20408 - 2018/19
Highest League Scoring Game 7-2 vs Newcastle 17.11.2018
Top Goalscorer Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran19.jpg) - 24 2018/19
Most Assists Giorgos Makris (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/makris19.jpg) - 13

Players inducted into the Portsmouth Overall Best 11
Overall Best 11 (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/best11overall19.jpg), Lemiere made it into the subs.
2018/19s Best 11 (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/best1119.jpg)

Portsmouth Awards
Top Goalscorer: Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran19.jpg) 24 - 23 League goals
Most Assists: Giorgos Makris (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/makris19.jpg) 13
Highest av Rating Uwe Hollman (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/hollman19.jpg) - 7.28
Fans POTY: Uwe Hollman (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/hollman19.jpg)
My Poty: Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran19.jpg) only 19 years old. I can't wait to see what he can do when he is 23!(and beyond)

English awards
Footballer of the year: Guiseppe Rossi (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/rossi19.jpg) - Arsenal
Players Player of the Year : Agustin Luna (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/luna19.jpg) - Arsenal
Young Player of the Year: Dan Henriksen (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/henriksen19.jpg) - Aston Villa
Manager of the Year Liam Brady (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/brady19.jpg) - Arsenal
Top Goalscorer of the Year: Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran19.jpg) - Portsmouth

Board Expectations
Champions League Group Stage
Premier League Qualify for europe through leage finish
FA Cup 5th round

My Expectations
Champions League If I'm lucky with the group, 1st knockout stage of CL, if not europa league 1st knockout stage
Premier League I doubt I can close the 20point gap to Arsenal, but my goal is to end up on minimum 75 points(top 3 spot should be secure then)
FA Cup I fail at cup games. I hope I can challenge, but some mediocre side will most likely knock me out before I can count to 3
League Cup See above comment.

Transfer Kitty £99 million
Wage Budget £1.2 million
Balance £71 million

My thoughts

So 20600 Capacity Fratton Park is proving to be my biggest hinder here. I have no idea, but how much money do I need before I can get the board to build me a new one ? Hopefully CL (if I get through the qualifiers)
should add quite alot of £ to the balance.
My biggest aim, Is getting one up against (my beloved) Arsenal. I've met em 8 times, 1 draw 7 losses. Otherwise my team is progressing quite nicely. Though I have some unhappy players due to first team appearances. So I have to sharpen up on using subs.
Let's Roll!
Cyas in January!

23-07-2009, 19:22
September 2019 update


Excited about finally being in Champions League again, so I thought a little update on the group I got would be nice :) cyas in January! :)

23-07-2009, 19:29
Great start to the season Cenotaph, not a bad CL group draw either! Have you asked the board about expanding the ground?

23-07-2009, 20:15
Great start to the season Cenotaph, not a bad CL group draw either! Have you asked the board about expanding the ground?

I've asked every season since I came over :) once twice, they didn't like that. They will never expand the stadium, due to the council will not allow it. So I am aiming for a new stadium. But have no idea how much money I need before they are willing to build one. So currently I'm trying to improve the balance as much as possible.

24-07-2009, 03:42



Messed up on the colours there, but I'd have to do it all over again, tried to find the motivation, I failed. =)

League Table 1.1.2020


European Awards

European Goalkeeper of the Year Steve Mandanda (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/mandanda20.jpg)
European Defender of the Year Michel Peters (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/peters20.jpg) I obviously shouldn't have sold him...
European Midfielder of the Year Andrés Guardado (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/guardado20.jpg)
European Striker of the Year Petteri Björkstrand (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/petteri20.jpg)
European Footballer of the Year Petteri Björkstrand (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/petteri20.jpg)

Now I just hope I can continue the form, and if I am insanely lucky claim my very first EPL title! Cyas in preseason

Welsh Wizard
24-07-2009, 04:23
Great first half the title is in sight.

Petteri Björkstrand is still at it and Blackburn still have a manager:thup:

25-07-2009, 00:30
@Welsh Wizard I had to bid 100 mill for Bjorkstrand before they accepted. He didn't want to join me! And yes, I had my hopes up at that point
End Of Season 2019/20



League Table 2019/20 Season



Highest Gate Receipts £900,000 v Villarreal Champions League Grp B 6.11.2019
Most Assists Giorgos Makris (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/makris20.jpg) - 17
Highest Transfer fee paid £28mill - Nathan Miller (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/miller20.jpg) from Newcastle 1.7.2020
Highest Transfer Spending £55million - 2020

Players inducted into the Portsmouth Overall Best 11
Overall Best 11 (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/best1120.jpg), Micha (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/micha20.jpg), Maicon (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/maicon20.jpg), Negrilã (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/negrila20.jpg) and Lemiere (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/lemiere20.jpg) made it into the first 11, while Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran20.jpg) replaced Gueye (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/gueye20.jpg) in the subtitutes.Malakhov (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/malakhov20.jpg) was also added to the Substitutes this season.
This seasons best 11 (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/best1119-20.jpg)

Portsmouth Rewards
Top Goalscorer: Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran20.jpg) 25 - 15 League Goals
Most Assists: Giorgos Makris (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/makris20.jpg) 17
Highest av Rating: Pierre Lemiere (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/lemiere20.jpg) 7.27 (51 apps)
Fans POTY: Pierre Lemiere (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/lemiere20.jpg)
MY POTY: Micha (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/micha20.jpg) Insane man, in 4 seasons he has hardly missed a game. He missed 1 league game in 17/18 and 1 this season. (actually think the one in 17/18 was an international call up.) If this keeps up, he'll have the record for most league games for the team in only 16.1 season! ;-)

English Awards
Footballer of the year: Pierre Lemiere (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/lemiere20.jpg) - Portsmouth
Players Player of the Year: Ibrahima Gueye (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/gueye20.jpg) - Portsmouth
Young Player of the Year: Dan Henriksen (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/henriksen20.jpg) - Aston Villa
Manager Of The Year: Tony Adams (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/adams20.jpg) - Man Utd
Top Goalscorer of the Year: Gonzalo Higuaín (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/higuain20.jpg) - Newcastle

Vincenzo Polenta (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/polenta20.jpg) 22,5mill - Real Madrid
Nathan Miller (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/miller20.jpg) 28 mill - Newcastle
Mathieu Simoni (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/simoni20.jpg) 4,7mill - Auxerre

Maicon (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/maicon20.jpg) 13mill -> Valencia

Who won what?

Serie A (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/seriea20.jpg) Italian Cup (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/italiancup20.jpg)
1st Ac Milan 82pts Winner: Juventus
2nd Inter 82pts Runner up: Sampdoria
3rd Roma 73pts

LA Liga (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/laliga20.jpg) Copa del Rey (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/copadelrey20.jpg)
1st Valencia 86pts Winners: Villarreal
2nd Real Madrid 79pts Runners up: Recreativo
3rd Barcelona 71pts

Champions League (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/cl20.jpg) Europa League (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/el20.jpg)
Winner: AC Milan Winner: Real Madrid
Runner: Arsenal Runner: Arsenal

European Football Championship 2020 (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/euro20.jpg)
Winner: Spain
Runner: Italy

Board Expectations
Champions League Reach the group stage.
Premier League Challenge for the title!
FA Cup Reach the 6th round.
League Cup Reach the Quarterfinal

My Expectations
Champions League I would like to emulate last season! Quarter Finals
Premier League I want the title. Above 80 points is the Goal. Above 80, no title, I'm fine with that.
FA Cup I want to win it!
League Cup This one too! A Double would be very tasty. (I'm getting cocky)

Transfer Kitty £81 million
Wage Budget £1.3 million
Balance £72 million

My thoughts

I've pinpointed why I didnt win it last season. And a total of 4 screens should sort that out pretty easily.

2017/18 Season Home Form (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/home17-18.jpg) - Away Form (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/away17-18.jpg) 2019/20 Home Form (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/home19-20.jpg) - Away Form (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/away19-20.jpg)
I think this is becaues I have the largest pitch available to me, I tend to play with ultrafast wingers and atleast one very pacey striker. Counterattacking like a dream. Lots of space. My midfield in Portsmouth isnt exactly super duper pacey. So settling for a shorter Pitch might solve some of my home problems.
I was quite shocked when I noticed this. I noticed during this season that I was having an easier time away then home. Tried to get the board to adjust the size, but they wouldnt. Hopefully that is all I lack to be able to clinch that tasty EPL Trophy.
I also ditched my fullbacks. Signing 2 new fanstastic ones. Should help me get off to a good start.

So here we go!

25-07-2009, 23:18



League Table 1.1.2020


European Awards

European Goalkeeper of the Year Juan Pablo Carrizo (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/carrizo21.jpg)
European Defender of the Year Guilherme (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/guilherme21.jpg)
European Midfielder of the Year Pierre Lemiere (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/lemiere21award.jpg)
European Striker of the Year Daniel Pacheco (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/pacheco21.jpg)
European Footballer of the Year Alex Teixeira (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/teixeira21.jpg)

I've managed to turn about my fortunes on the home pitch. Though the Pitch size was not related, my memory of a very wide pitch was from Sampdoria. But I did choose a shorter pitch for this season nonetheless. And if my current run continues, I'll end up on a total of 84 points. Which would be massive, but I am afraid that United will match me every step of the way. So this is definitely going to be interesting!
On a side note, my game crashed in late december. The auto save was only 4 games back (I'd won em all, and won em all again, luckily) Frank Lampard(currently youth coach at chelsea) was hired as Blackburn coach then, not mcclaren. And there was a takeover bid for my club.... I was chuffed to bits thinking that some foreign arabian would like to invest heavily and give me my new stadium. Sofar no takeover :(

26-07-2009, 03:19
Keep it up Cenotaph...you're right on the heels of Utd, i have full confidence in you catching them and winning the title this year. Great updates as usual :thup:

26-07-2009, 14:56
Keep it up Cenotaph...you're right on the heels of Utd, i have full confidence in you catching them and winning the title this year. Great updates as usual :thup:

Thanks m8 =) A few games into it now, and still 1 point behind em. They draw, I win \o/, next round I draw and they win. It might just be too much for my old heart to take.
good news is that the takeover is taking place, But I doubt it is Ihavetomuchmoney Ali. But new board, might give me that new stadium :) so let's hope for the best.

27-07-2009, 11:48
End Of Season 2020/21



League Table 2020/21 Season



Highest League Position 1st in Premiership 2020/21
Highest Gate Receipts £925,000 v Juventus Champions League Grp A 30.09.2020
Biggest Win 10-0 vs Cheltenham(H) FA Cup 3rd rd 2.1.2021
Highest Coring Game 10-0 vs Cheltenham(H) FA Cup 3rd rd 2.1.2021
Games Without Loosing 17 20.2.21 – 1.5.2021
Top Goalscorer Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran21.jpg) 41 2020/21
Most Assists Liam Howard (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/howard 21.jpg) – 18
Most MoM's Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran21.jpg) 9 2020/21

2020/21 SQUAD

GK Micha (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/micha21.jpg)
D RC Steve Breach (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/breach21.jpg)
D RC Andy Williams (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/williams21.jpg)
DL,DM,MLC Mike Torres (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/torres21.jpg)
DC yury Malakhov (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/malakhov21.jpg)
D/WBR Vincenzo Polenta (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/polenta21.jpg)
D/WBL Nathan Miller (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/miller21.jpg)
D/MC Peter Downes (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/downes21.jpg)
DM, MC Simon Wilson (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/wilson21.jpg)
MC Pierre Lemiere (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/lemiere21.jpg)
MC Sean Douglas (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/douglas21.jpg)
AMRC Liam Howard (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/howard21.jpg)
AMRC, FC Mathieu Simoni (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/simoni21.jpg)
AMRC, FC Morgan Ekberg (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/ekberg21.jpg)
AML Giorgos Makris (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/makris21.jpg)
AMLC, FC James Bull (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/bull21.jpg)
FC Claudiu Raducu (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/raducu21.jpg)
FC Ibrahima Gueye (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/gueye21.jpg)
ST Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran21.jpg)

Players inducted into the Portsmouth Overall Best 11
Overall Best 11 (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/best1120.jpg), Gueye (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/gueye21.jpg), James Bull (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/bull21.jpg) and Peter Downes (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/downes21.jpg) made it into the best 11 this season. Downes going straight into the first 11
This seasons best 11 (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/best1120-21.jpg)

Portsmouth Rewards
Top Goalscorer: Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran21.jpg) 41 - 22 League Goals
Most Assists: Liam Howard (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/howard21.jpg) 18
Highest av Rating: Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran21.jpg) 7.37 (52 apps)
Fans POTY: Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran21.jpg)
MY POTY: Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/micha20.jpg) 41 goals, hopefully he will be able to top that next season.

English Awards
Footballer of the year: Ibrahima Gueye (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/gueye21.jpg) - Portsmouth
Players Player of the Year: Artur Branco (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/branco21.jpg) – - Middlesbrough
Young Player of the Year: Keneil Griffiths (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/griffiths21.jpg) - Cardiff
Manager Of The Year: Cenotaph (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/cenotaph21.jpg) - Portsmouth
Top Goalscorer of the Year: Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran21.jpg) 22 - Portsmouth

[/url]currently bidding for several english prospects. will add them when i get them.

[url=http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/gildea21.jpg]Daniel Gildea (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/21.jpg) released
Daniel Machacek (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/machacek21.jpg) released
Miguel Arteaga (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/arteata21.jpg) released
Gary Ainsley (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/ainsley21.jpg) released

Who won what?

Serie A (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/seriea21.jpg) Italian Cup (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/italiancup21.jpg)

LA Liga (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/laliga21.jpg) Copa del Rey (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/copadelrey21.jpg)

Champions League (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/cl21.jpg) Europa League (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/el21.jpg)

Board Expectations
Champions League Quarterfinals
Premier League Challenge for the title!
FA Cup Reach the semi final.
League Cup not important

My Expectations
Champions League Semi Finals.
Premier League The title is my minimum expectation. I failed to meet my 80 points goal last season, so it still stands this season.
FA Cup Neither of the local cups are a priority this season.
League Cup see above comment, but I might win one if I'm lucky.

Transfer Kitty £150 million
Wage Budget £1.34 million
Balance £119 million

My thoughts
Squad is thin, was lucky with no injuries last season. I might sign replacements, but only if i get a few long term injuries.
Else retaining Premier League is my main goal for this season!
Board takeover is bugged I think.. i've been in the process of a takeover for 6 months now. Never experienced it taking so
long. will have to see if something gets settled soon

Welsh Wizard
27-07-2009, 20:05
Well done on the double :)

30-07-2009, 08:52
Welsh WizardThanks =) felt great, this season was even better!

End Of Season 2021/22



League Table 2021/22 Season



Highest League Position 1st in Premiership 2020/21
Highest Gate Receipts £975,000 v Club Brugge Champions League Grp C 15.09.2021
Lowest Attendance: 10175 vs Leeds Carling Cup 3rd Rnd 22.9.2021
Games Win in Row 9 - 6.11.2021 - 15.12.2021
Games Without Loosing 26 - 21.8.2021 - 26.12.2021
Top Goalscorer Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran22.jpg) - 53 2020/21
Most Assists Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran22.jpg) – 22
Most MoM's Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran22.jpg) - 14 2020/21
Worst Discipline Peter Downes (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/downes22.jpg) - 17 Yellow, 2 Red 2021/22
Youngest Player Tim Holmes (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/holmes22.jpg) 16 years 32 days, vs Cardiff 28.8.21

Players inducted into the Portsmouth Overall Best 11
Overall Best 11 (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/best1122.jpg),
This seasons best 11 (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/best1121-22.jpg)

Portsmouth Rewards
Top Goalscorer: Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran22.jpg) 53 - 29 League Goals
Most Assists: Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran22.jpg) 22
Highest av Rating: Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran22.jpg) 7.54 (59 apps)
Fans POTY: Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran22.jpg)
MY POTY: Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran22.jpg) Awesome season. Hopefully I can still squeeze more out of him.(was at 22 league goals after 20 matches in the league then stopped scoring =))

English Awards
Footballer of the year: Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran22.jpg) - Portsmouth
Players Player of the Year: James Bull (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/bull22.jpg) – Portsmouth
Young Player of the Year: Julian Shaw (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/shaw22.jpg) - Aston Villa
Manager Of The Year: Cenotaph (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/cenotaph22.jpg) - Portsmouth
Top Goalscorer of the Year: Matt Curran(top 3 scorers view) (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/topscorer22.jpg) 29 - Portsmouth

International Awards
World Footballer of the Year Petteri Björkstrand (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/petteri22.jpg)- Sampdoria
World Player of the Year Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran22.jpg)

European Goalkeeper of the Year - Juan Pablo Carrizo (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/carrizo22.jpg) - A.C. Milan
European Defender of the Year - Gustavo Robles (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/robles22.jpg) - Genoa
European Midfielder of the Year - Dejan Jankov (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/jankov22.jpg) - Real Madrid
European Striker of the Year - Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran22.jpg) - Portsmouth
European Footballer of the Year - Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran22.jpg) - Portsmouth
European Golden Boot - Matt Curran (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/curran22.jpg) 29 goals - Portsmouth

James Turner (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/turner22.jpg) 2,8mill Wolves Long term Gueye replacement
Tim Holmes (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/holmes22.jpg) 2,3mill Sunderland (hot prospect)
David Maye (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/maye22.jpg) 2,5mill Cardiff Long term Polenta Replacement
Jun Ito (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/ito22.jpg) 29mill - Napoli Explosive Left winger
Nikolay Terziyski (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/terziyski22.jpg) 32mill - Napoli World Class Right winger

Morgan Ekberg (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/ekberg22.jpg) 12.25 mill -> Middlesbrough. A great reserve, but he was unhappy, so I sold him.
Paulo Moreira (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/moreira22.jpg) 8.75mill -> Tottenham, a player I signed on free transfer from rangers last season. Never used him, so when the offer came, I accepted.
Liam Howard (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/howard22.jpg) 25,5mill -> Real Madrid. I've wanted a right footed right winger, so I was happy to accept
Giorgos Makris (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/makris22.jpg) 32 mill-> Barcelona. The offer was to good to reject. I've had this player for 11 seasons.

Who won what?

Serie A (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/seriea22.jpg) Italian Cup (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/italiancup22.jpg)
Serie B (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/serieb22.jpg)

LA Liga (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/laliga22.jpg) Copa del Rey (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/copadelrey22.jpg)
Liga Adelante (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/adelante22.jpg)

Champions League (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/cl22.jpg) Europa League (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/el22.jpg)

Championship (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/ch22.jpg)
Coca-Cola League 1 (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/cl122.jpg) FA Cup (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/fa22.jpg)
Coca-Cola League 2 (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/cl222.jpg) Carling Cup (http://andrejohannessen.com/fmcareer/cc22.jpg)

Board Expectations
Champions League Reach the Semi Finals
Premier League Win it
FA Cup Final
League Cup not rated

My Expectations
Champions League I want to win it!
Premier League Try to do it with only loosing 1 game ?
FA Cup I want to win it. That loss against Tottenham last season really annoyed me.
League Cup Nah, I want to win that aswell, and I think I can. So aim Treble!

Transfer Kitty £150mill
Wage Budget £1,34 (755 used)
Balance £ 132mill

My thoughts
Though only a 30k seater. And it will be finished in June 2024! Hopefully I can expand it every season until it reaches 60kish. If I have to spend another 6 years hitting my wall against the Councils "no space" messages I'll start going for those negative records.
Anyways new stadium is named Portsmouth Stadium (I would have cried if I had to play my games at David James Arena.)
I finally got 2 pacey wingers. I upgraded my left backs 2 seasons ago, and It really improved my game. And I can't see anything stopping me now. World Class players all around. The 2 wingers are also great crossers, and with Currans jumping and heading skills I should see more goals from him. Really want to get 43 league goals.
Anyways off to the new season!
Currently playing in the World Cup as England, I'll give you an update here on how I do.

World Cup 2022 in Mexico

Group Stage Initial Thoughts: A great Group for me, I should be able to Breeze through this with no problem at all!

Group Stage Games
England vs Germany England vs Columbia England vs China
0 - 1 0 - 0 1 - 0
pld won drn lst for ag g.d pts
Germany 3 2 0 1 4 1 +3 6 Q
England 3 1 1 1 1 1 0 4 Q
Colombia 3 1 1 1 1 5 -4 4
China 3 1 0 2 5 4 +1 3
This was way to exciting for my own good. I play crap. I've been breezing through the past
3 games, with a total goal tally of 11-0. I was actually confident of winning this. But I nearly didnt make it through
the Group stage.... Mexico Awaits in the 2nd round

2nd Round
England vs Mexico (Mexico drew against Chile, and recorded 2-0 wins against both Mali and the Netherlands. So I am not overly confident.)
1 - 1 full time.
1 - 2 extra time.
That was that.. I went crashing out after a horrible world cup. I can only hope that I won't get sacked, since I havent been in the job for a year yet.

30-07-2009, 09:17
Why is Terziyski valued at just £700k? :confused:

30-07-2009, 10:03
He was worth 6mill ish when I started bidding for him.

and I'm out of the world cup... :/

30-07-2009, 10:08
That's some serious depreciation!!!!! :D

Welsh Wizard
31-07-2009, 02:19
Great club season.

Matt Curran = God :)

nice wingers you have signed should help you make final of champions league if all goes well.