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16-07-2009, 04:36
Hi guys,

Wondering if its possible to offer an aging player a role on the coaching staff if he retires? Particularly ones that have the 'mental toughness' to be a manager.

Thank you!


16-07-2009, 04:45
If you tell a player who is in the later stages of his career that you think he is suited to a staff role a lot of times, he may gain a staff profile before he retires from playing, but as far as I know there's no way to guarantee it will happen as it is down to the individual player to choose if he wishes to remain in the game after he finishes playing or not.

16-07-2009, 06:14
That's right. If he is going to go into coaching or management a new screen will appear with his coaching attributes and the option of offering him a staff contract will appear.

Eles Gergo
16-07-2009, 08:06
take a player aged 34 or so and look up he's personal screen, there you'll find information about he's future plans, if he says he thinking about taking a coching role after he retires then encourege that man :) by stating to the media that he could cut it as a coach, and if you praise him enough and you got a good relationship it might just happen sooner than later

16-07-2009, 08:26
Yes , you can. In my Real Madrid save Fabio Cannavaro retired at 35. He is now my under 21s manager

16-07-2009, 13:37
P. Senderos is my assistan manager ;)

16-07-2009, 13:47
One thing that is slightly irritating is you can't keep a player going on as coach/player most of the time. Whilst its possible at the start of the game, it tends not to be able to happen later on because the coach screen doesnt appear until they confirm their retirement. It would be nice if this could happen, at the moment I've a coach who only retired last season, and I'd love to have been able to ask him to put his kit on again at the moment to get me through this injury crisis.

Highbury\'s Ghost
16-07-2009, 13:53
I have successfully (at llm level) managed to get a player / coach contract accepted by someone who was already my player. I have one now at Eastwood in the BSN, BUT he was already there - I'm not sure if I've done it with FM09 personally. I don't see any reason why not. If they have both a payer and staff profile the game SHOULD allow the Job type to be changed.

I've just checked my game and one of my players can be offered anything from just player through player/coach and player/assman to solely assman, so IT IS POSSIBLE. Just think that you need both types of profile. As mentioned above, keep telling the media the player would make a good x or y as soon as he starts talking about staying in the game. Of course, it doesn't always work, and they can get VERY annoyed with you.

P.S. Checked a game at a higher level (PRM), and it does seem a lot harder to do.

16-07-2009, 14:51
In my game, Giggs, Scholes, Neville and Van Der Sar all retired at the same time. Neville said he was "Definitely going to go into management", Giggs "definitely into coaching", Van Der Sar "possibly into coaching" and Scholes "Not staying in the game".

Not one of them ever got a staff profile and all of them have completely dropped off the database. Any idea why this would be, even though two of them said "definitely"? I was really looking forward to giving Giggs and maybe Neville and VDS coaching roles.

16-07-2009, 15:59
I once had a coach that got called up for an international match (as a player).

Nevermore FC
16-07-2009, 18:40
It would be a nice FM10 feature a seasonal message with the players that became managers/coach/scout. (Also a seasonal message with the players that retired).

16-07-2009, 18:56
I found the same as BlochMcParty, In my game Paolo Maldini said he was definitely staying in the game, but when he retired he just disappeared and never got a non playing profile.

18-07-2009, 02:28
Thanks for the tips guys, i'll keep it all in mind :)

William Hall
18-07-2009, 03:22
Maldini could've became a Chairman

19-07-2009, 00:01
I've just hired one of my transfer listed players (a 33-year old Camerounian right back that nobody was interested in) as a scout, which is great because when managing a Ukrainian club (that is not one of the big 3) it's very difficult to get staff from other continents.

19-07-2009, 00:11
Del Piero at 2011/2012 is Juventus Yout Coach :D


19-07-2009, 00:16
As soon as a player turns 30 he will get an opinion on what he wants to do in the future regarding staff roles and you will have 3 player interaction choices that can help them decide if they want to have a future role and which one they should head towards. It isn't always successful and depending on their starting opinion you may have to suggest it several times.

andy g
19-07-2009, 10:41
i was manager of liverpool and half way through the 4th seanson steve finnan and sammi hyypia both came manager

finnan goin to be manager of chelsea and hyypia became manager off fulham

Manager Milney
19-07-2009, 11:18
on my save owen is liverpool manger. but on topic ive never been able to get them as a coach/player
often when i was in lower leagues they became coaches or scouts buthad left theclub and wouldnt come back.