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14-07-2009, 00:40
ok first and formost i don't want to be flamed, i can see why different people like playing the game different, you got people who want to take on a non league team and take them to champions league glory and play till the year 2100 and others play the game different etc, but in my opinion i feel something lacking from footie manager is the players who don't want career games....now what do i mean by this let me explain...

when i start a new career as whoever it feels very relistic, you got the rooney, torres, lampard, gerrard, ronaldo etc and you got some unkown players in the database i like to find, mascio? or back in the day it use to be van borre and kompany who were the unkown stars etc, but by time you get to the year 2016 these players get old and the majority of the players are gone and replaced by regens.

i notice the more years you play generally the game gets slower because of the save file gets bigger, maybe this could be because of all the new regen data now filling up the game i'm not sure im no expect, now i can see why the regens are put into the game but i also feel the game should offer a alternitive, i find it hard to get motivated to play a game with a world full of players i can't associate with, when ronaldo runs down the wing to cross i could imagine the step overs etc (yes i play in 2d) and thats what I personally love about footie manager is the imaginitve aspect of things.

so by time i get to year 2016 i usually think im bored lets start a new game, but after all that success with leeds (thats the game i was playing - won league/ champions league 2 seasons ago) i now think it's ashame to start again and think it would be nice to have a TICK option in the prefrences to turn player ageing OFF - now yes this is unrealistic before i get blasted. playing with a strikerforce of torres / rooney in the year 2020 or joe bloggs/ fredd perry in 2020 wouldnt make any difference to me because i can't assosciate myself with the joe bloggs scenario so i see it just as unrealistic as having torress and rooney still playing football so therefore i would still prefer to have all the stars in 2020, i feel this feature can;t be that hard to implement a option to stop player ageing so people can enjoy regens or non regens.

i rememeber the day when regens where just the same players who retired, so when shearer or sheringham retired they came back as a youth player i personally preffered this than the current regen system and the dodgy facepics they get given (can't remmeber the name of it) i also feel the regens faces all look random/unrealistic and i don't feel it adds anything to the game (from my point of view a option which isnt needed) , i also remember a game (i don't think it was cm/fm) where it had this kind of option of player ageing.

also now people are going to say that training wouldnt then play any part, well i still feel the young players should imrpove and when players get injured there stats should drop, but this would then make it harder to code, so maybe all stats stay same as start of game, this would and SHOULD still give the same quality of footballers as it would be in 20 years down the line theres obvisly a benchmark sigames must aim for throughout the footballing career, so you should have the same amount of superstars in 2009 as the year 2030 (that being the kakas, the ronaldos, the torres the ronaldinhos etc)

im wondering if i'm on my own here or not. for me i would LOVE this feature


14-07-2009, 00:58
I like the regen idea better tbh, the other one from CM was too repetitive. But by all means this would be another good idea.

14-07-2009, 01:04
yes i do feel it comes down to personal taste, i think this is a better idea than the cm idea because like you said it just goes round in a circle you don't re sign the same player 50 times, but if you have a team of world stars on high wages and fail to break into the top four your finances would be hit and then you'd be forced to sell some stars, or if you end up doing a newcastle with your team you'd have to sell all players and wheel and deal. people would argue once you got a top team then thats it, but if you get a top team in the year 2020 its quite easy to maintain because if you sign them young like 20 years old or rounger they would dominate till 2030 meanwhile you can scout the next batch of youth to dominate for the next 10 years

also theres other non playing staff that don't age/retire in the game so why not do this on players

i feel its a option thats can't be hard to implement with the tick box in prefrences or at start of game.

14-07-2009, 04:33
I loved buying young regens of great players. Was always dissapointed when Maldini decided to take another season. Though on my 97/98 game I dont think he ever went until the 08/09 season :)

14-07-2009, 08:31
I know this option is available in the Pro games for Master League, and I can understand why people would want to use it, so, even though I wouldn't use it personally, I would understand if it was made optional, as it is done already in some football games.

Do like the current regen system though, always feels good when you raise a player from your academy into a world beater.

14-07-2009, 09:23
I don't think turning off player aging would be the answer, as then the potential stars would never mature, and I wouldn't like that. I do agree though, that it'd be nice to have more of an attachment to the players in the future. Non-aging wouldn't be the best way to do this, however.

14-07-2009, 09:49
I would say you can become attached the players that are playing in the year 2025 certainly the ones you have in your own side, although you sort of get to the know the world's best players as well as the real life ones with have today.

14-07-2009, 10:13
yeah i feel you can become attached to certain players, especially if they have come through your acadamy, but i also feels alot more of the game in the future requries alot more scouting to keep up with the current best players or the next world beaters before people sign them up so i find i spend more and more time scouting and not enjoying the game, if i signed joe bloggs from man utd i wouldnt feel as attached as signing rooney from man utd because it feels more of a big name signing imo.

i do agree turning player ageing off ISN'T the answer to the regen system, maybe there isn't a problem to the regen system, but it gives another dimension to the game, for those players who just play it for fun, i mean i don't have much time in my life to player footie manager with work and college commitments at the moment, so i play it just for fun in my spare time and mainly weekends.

i find personally, when the world of current superstars dissapear i then feel like re-starting which i do but usually with a different team or bit of different challenge but sometimes i end up signing mainly all the same players so gets bit boring, but then i also find a long term career game boring due to the regens, personally a tick option would make my day as i think footie manager is by far the best game in its genre ever.

14-07-2009, 11:01
You saying it's not exciting to find the next Messi in the game? Or the next Thierry Henry or Sammy Eto'o in regens? Cause I find it exciting! :D

I like the current regen system like it is tbh. I associate my next stars in the team with old stars anyway so I imagine them playing like Messi, Henry, Eto'o etc. :D

14-07-2009, 11:37
Regens > Players not ageing.

I find it fun to buy regens and associate yourself with them. They are your players, whereas Ronaldo, Torres etc will never have anything to do with you. With regens you can pretend :)

14-07-2009, 11:43
i love to find new regen stars..! having stars that have never existed like Julien Matusik, Alex Stepanov, Carlos Munoz, Joe Wade.. it is interesting..!

14-07-2009, 11:55
people seem to think im saying i want this idea to replace the regen system, i don't.....just a alternative in options

14-07-2009, 11:57
I don't like the idea myself. For one, it would become stale because once teams get a strong squad of players they won't change because their good players will never deteriorate.

Also it would get boring having Torres finish as your top scorer every season. I get more satisfaction from bringing on young players from the academy and hoping they are the next superstar, or finding a little gem of a player from Eastern Europe than from having success with real players.

14-07-2009, 12:04
like i stated, finances would play a part in the game, if you have a team of world beaters on 100k a week and fail to break into top 4 you'd have to sell, or if you did a newcastle and got relegated you'd have to dismantle the squad, like i stated, when you get the best youngsters in the game it gets boring because you can scout the next bunch of wonder kids

also like i also stated theres a bench mark in football manager so the game doesnt flood with world beaters, so if torress is top scorer for 5 years running then in 20 years down the line torress will get replaced by joe bloggs who does excatly the same, makes no difference really, just a different name being top scorer, also i do feel injuries and tactics play part in top scorer, in my leeds game i got doyle to be top scorer ahead of rooney who finished second, anelka who finished third and torress who finished fourth

14-07-2009, 12:14
But Joe Bloggs will be a completely different player to Torres, just like Torres is different to Ian Rush and Roger Hunt.

In my opinion, change is good. Like in music, if the same note is played continuously it wouldn't be music, it's the next note and the one after that which make it interesting.