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01-07-2009, 21:03
So 3 games into the season, and im averaging 3 players taken off injured each game. How is this right !? At this point im too scared to make a tactical substitution, because either the substitute picks up a knock, or 2 players are carried off after using all 3 subs!?
Games with no injuries are MASSIVELY RARE, is there anything that i can do about this ?
The players are going off injured at random times in the match, and at different condition levels ?
Are other people facing the same issues ?

01-07-2009, 21:06
Patched up to 9.3.0?

What fitness levels are your players at? How much workload do the players have from training?

01-07-2009, 21:15
I have similar problem.. And I have 9.3.0 patch. I am using high workload training schedule, still the injuries come too often.

01-07-2009, 21:37
Yup patched up to 9.3.0. Training schedules are my own, but none of them average above the highest notch of medium workload. Fitness levels is generally 95%+, always 90%+.

Is there anything to do with specific match tactics that can prevent the number of injuries im getting ? I currently have all 5 strikers out injured, even the young 17yr old prospect brought in as cover for one game!

my competitive season so far:
(g) = denotes player taken off for a knock, (r) = denotes player stretchered off/forced off with injury

(A) Juventus - Accardi (g), Pieri (g), Padalino (r) / Trezeguet (g), Amauri (g) - as sub
(H) Lazio - Cassano (g), Padalino (g) / De Silvestri (g)
(A) Wolfsburg - Gastaldello (r), Pazzini (g), Fornaroli (g) / none
(A) AC Milan - none / Zambrotta (g)
(H) Palermo - Rosina (r), Zamblera (r) / none
(A) Reggina - none / none
(H) Wolfsburg - none / none
(H) Chievo - Santon (g), Pieri (g), Belluci (r) - sub / Kerlon (r), Langella (r), Esposito (g), Bogdani (g) ---7 players taken off inured in one game!!

Is this normal for the start of a season, seems like a lot of injuries per match on both sides if you ask me!