View Full Version : Adding data updates (Mac)

Hunter Lionheart
17-06-2009, 21:34
So yeah, I downloaded the FM Updates latest DB, as I fancied a break from my PNE game- played for months now. However I tried putting it in the DB folder next to the '900' folder, and that's not seeming to work- I try and start a new game and it offers me 9.3.0 update and Default.

So could anyone put me right- been a while since I've done this!

17-06-2009, 21:39
By any chance have you forgotten to extract the file?

Hunter Lionheart
17-06-2009, 21:41
Aha, no- but thanks for trying. Expanded with RAR Expander and have full access to the folders.

Hunter Lionheart
17-06-2009, 23:20
Bizz-ump? Any help appreciated.