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28-05-2009, 05:40
.....or a save of the game but it DIDNT WORK :(

Havent seen many funny things happen but this is a brilliant one. Paul Robinson runs out of the 6 yard box to intercept our long pass to Ashton, for some reason he turns round and faces his goal, the ball whacks him on the back of the head knocking him clean over and Ashton runs on to score. Thing that gets me, my Robert Green was Englands number 1 until an injury and Robinson took his place and is keeping hold of it.

Ok, there are probably loads of others (anyone see the thread about the striker who ran straight into the goal post), did SI add these little things into the game, what others are there?

28-05-2009, 05:55
hehe - reminds of te game Italia 90 where you could run your player into the post and then he'd topple over for some time. There were streakers too. (probably out as freewre somewhere)

Anyhow - I would direct you to the funny screenshot page, mostly funny player names but there are a few of the 3d match engine.

08-07-2009, 21:14

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08-07-2009, 21:17
any point in bumping this?