View Full Version : czech young player of the year vote

06-07-2008, 14:08
my brother, who doesn't have internet access, has asked me to post this question.

He has been informed that he has 3 votes for the Czech player of the yer but cannot find where to cast his vote.

He has mentioned reading the manual and has tried looking (at my suggestion) in player interaction, but is unable to find where to cast his vote.

Does anyone else know where this may appear?


06-07-2008, 15:10
I am not sure but perhaps try in the news section (not personal, but the league one) and scroll to find section?

12-07-2008, 05:31
I don't know if I'm right but it SHOULD be right on the news where it tells him he can cast his vote. Is "Czech player of the year" a link in the article? he should try clicking that. It's gotta be somewhere on there.