View Full Version : Save Game Could Not Be Loaded

17-05-2009, 15:40
....I'm guessing this is the end?

I just completed my season, finished 2nd with Rushden in the Prem, highest finish ever yada yada. Saved my game and closed the lid to my mac. I went off to get my hair cut, come back and open my mac lid, it turns itself back on like it had resetted. Now I can't load my game?! :(

If this is the end to a save that i'd put my heart and soul into... up till the early hours of the morning trying to ensure I stay unbeaten in League 2.. fighting off Arsenal to win the League Cup Final while struggling for promotion from the Championship.... well I don't know what I might do :(

I wanted to create a Dynasty.. I wanted to conqur the world with Rushden and Diamonds.... I feel empty.