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16-05-2009, 20:04
Just wondering we can praise or criticise the players to the press, although thst feature needs alot of work giving us more options to say. I was wondering why I cant praise my assman?

I am Sunderland and in 2020 my assman joined in 2012 so has been here for 8 years which I know its a coincidence was when my team took off and started on our path to domination. I trust my assman to do the games once I have wrapped up the league and he does a great job, his stats are very good. His contract was running down, so I offered him a new one and he accepted. Surely I should be able to come out and say that we wanted to keep him due to him being key to our success and rewarded him with a long contract in the hope that he can stay and carry on his great work.

I know this feauture wouldnt have much point to it but neither do press conferences. Would be a good way to build up the respect between our manager and the under appreciated assman. Incase you couldnt guess I think I love my assistant manager lol.

16-05-2009, 20:06
Would be a nice feature imo.

16-05-2009, 20:19
Alternately, you might be able to suggest him for jobs, when other jobs are open. I certainly wouldn't mind sending my coaches and A.M. out into the world, especially so if I wound up in their Favored Personnel for having given the public recommendation!

16-05-2009, 21:42
Thats an even better idea, my assman has had 2 unsuccessful manager jobs before the game started. Would be great to say you feel his 8 years at the club have given him the experience needed to become a manager. That would be great.

16-05-2009, 23:48
The direction I'd really like for this to go is "influencing our staff's preferences"

For example, I had a coach whose preferred formation was "4-4-2", but was an inexperienced and relative unknown when I hired him. I had him almost ten years before he got a full managerial job somewhere, but I played a 4-5-1 at the time. I was quite disappointed that when he finally began managing, he tried a very vanilla 4-4-2 ... I'd have been fully chuffed to see him adopt my 4-5-1 and try to get it working at another club.

Considering I'd taken my club to EPL and CL glory at the time, it might have given my game new legs to have my actual tactics thrown back in my face - a new challenge for me to solve, considering that I'd gotten a leg up on the AI at the time!

17-05-2009, 00:08
Did you ever have to face his team?

17-05-2009, 00:11
master vs pupil

17-05-2009, 03:29
Unfortunately, he never won a game, and was sacked after half a season.

I unceremoniously dealt him a defeat the only time I faced him, despite fielding a weakened lineup, if I recall.

Watching him fail so spectacularly was part of what got me thinking "Gee, how much better would he have done if he'd actually stolen my tactics?"

17-05-2009, 09:57
Praising the assman

Just wondering what you'd like to say: "Great ass there, man"?

17-05-2009, 10:02
I like seeing my coaching staff take on positions at other clubs. At Rushden last year my scotish Ass Man left for the National Job, he's doing well and because around 5 players in my team are scotish due to the kick ass regens they've produced in my game I have a fair few of my team getting international caps.