View Full Version : Praising individual players

11-05-2009, 23:13
Does anyone use the praise or say they are disappointed with recent form on the player interaction screen,,,,,i used to use it a lot on 08 but i'm not sure when to praise players on 09,,,,,can anyone let me know how they use this feature?????????

13-05-2009, 14:22
I used it a lot in FM08, this time round not so much but mainly due to my save. I have a lot of players at the club, solid key members and backup then heaps of youth I like to give games to. This means not many players get 5 games in a row, (requirement to praise), sometimes 4 then miss one, then start again. But I think its mainly down to me forgetting tbh.

Looking at the Confidence screen helps. See what the fans think of your players form. I only use 'Delighted' sparingly, its normally just 'Pleased'.