View Full Version : Fans Takeover

22-04-2009, 18:01
has anyone else had this on my game a season ticket holder is trying to get the money to buy blackpool

22-04-2009, 18:16
Speculation and rumour I suspect- never heard of it happening in the game.

22-04-2009, 18:20
i will write back if the takeover is successful

22-04-2009, 18:30
Its possible but happends very rarely.

22-04-2009, 18:34
I've seen this happen occasionally, never to a club I'm managing though.

22-04-2009, 18:35
I had Celtic taken over by a fans trust in an old fm09 save. It was on 9.01 though so the chances of it happening could well have been toned down in the subsequent patches. Haven't had one in 9.03 yet.

22-04-2009, 19:09
i am not managing blackpool by the way jslater so it would be more than likley it would go through

23-04-2009, 15:32
Happened to me my first year in BSS. We're in the EPL now and still fan-owned.

23-04-2009, 17:08
You say that its very unlikely. It does happen irl, but often doesn't work

Notts County as well as my own club Stockport are fan owned, but both are now looking for potential private buyers.

It does work at other clubs further down the pyramid though, the most obvious example being AFC Wimbledon

24-04-2009, 12:58
in my game i only have seen one fans takover it was leeds in 2013

24-04-2009, 13:09
I had one on my NUFC save on the old patch. Very annoying because i did a NUFC file when i first got the game aswell and got a tycoon who invested hundreds of millions of .