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20-04-2009, 08:11
i was manager at portsmouth,won the euro cup in the 1st season,then during october in 2nd season,jurgen klinsmann of fc bayern got fired,i applied for the job and got it, the team he left me was in deep shyt, 1win,6draws and 4 defeats in the league. i came in and brought them to 8wins,1draw,1 defeat in the league..4wins and 1 defeat in cups, and yet they lose confidence in me as manager ? wat on earth is going on? how can i fix this problem??

20-04-2009, 08:41
This has probably got more to do with team talks and discipline rather than results. Make sure you give praise when it is due, criticise also when it is due and discipline players if they deserve it.

21-04-2009, 09:34
then do i change my assistant manager? since his motivation ratings is only 9 and i use him for all my game talks and press conference

21-04-2009, 10:25
Take the team-talks and press conferences yourself, you lazy git! :p