View Full Version : We need different pitches

16-04-2009, 14:33

Everytime before a match i get a report on how a team plays and in case I'm playing away, i might get details on the pitch.

Yet, when I'm playing, is there really a difference in pitch sizes? Because they all look the same. (At least in 2D)

It would be nice if it was noticeable when playing on a longer pitch, wider pitch, shorter pitch...

And also, before the season, when we are asked about pitch dimensions, it would be nice if we were given graphical information on the different pitch dimensions to choose from, and information on the pros and cons of each other.

PS. And why isn't there a specific location for suggestions on this board? It would help a lot making it look cleaner :).

16-04-2009, 15:00
They look different to me....

Magnakai Haaskivi
16-04-2009, 15:03
They're different in 3D, I think (at least width is; length is hard to gauge).

16-04-2009, 16:30
there is a suggestions thread, which must be somewhere on the first page

EDIT: I stand corrected.

It is on the second page, and is entitled 'Wishlist'

It really should be stickied to the top of the page though tbh