View Full Version : Opposition scoring too easily after half-time!?

10-04-2009, 15:53
Hello all,

After a few seasons I noticed something which really puzzles me. The opposition team always gets a goal just a few minutes (match time) into the second half, and it's always through corner.

I have tried different formations and such thing still happens quite frequently, like every 4,5 games, especially when I am having a one-goal lead.

I know there is nothing wrong with opponent scoring or equalising but the rate of such thing occurrig just makes me think if there is something wrong with the game.

Does anyone else think this is a problem?

And also I believe that super goal keepers still exist in this game, as I have dominated a match and then lost or drawn too many times because of them...

10-04-2009, 16:01
Change or vary your team talks, maybe your players are coming out a little too complacent as you haven't provided the right team talk...

10-04-2009, 16:26
It does sound like a team-talk issue - especially with a one-goal advantage you know the oppo. manager is going with the powerful "I want to see more from you", which makes your team-talk very important. I usually use several individual team talks in that situation, as well as putting a lot of thought into my general team talk. (See wolfsong's guide to team talks, over in T&TT, for more information). Remember, "None" is a valid team talk, too.

You might also consider setting up your "Defensive Corner" settings with extreme care for each match. I find it important to have my three best Jumping players on "Mark Tall", "Mark Tall", and "Stand on Near Post", with most of the rest of the squad on "Man Mark", any super-weak Jumping players on "Mark Small", and somebody decent on "Stand on Far Post" .. with one striker "Stay Forward". Between this, and similar care on my attacking corners, I find a pretty large difference over the course of the season!

Final thought, if it remains a problem, is to try going with a more conservative, defend-and-counter tactical approach for the first ten minutes of the second half. I'm of the "several saved tactics" school, and I like to push my guys more attacking in the final ten minutes of the first half to put pressure on a tired defense; if I was seeing the same pattern you are, I'd certainly ask the lads to put more emphasis on defense for the first few minutes of the second half. (Note - I'm talking tactical instructions, not formation change; see wwfan's Tactical Theorems and Frameworks in T&TT for more information.)

10-04-2009, 16:33
I've found this happens a lot to me, though usually when I'm 2-0 up and usually from open play. Of course the team talk when 2-0 up at home can be a tricky one, with "pleased" the kiss of death every time.

Now, I will use alternative team talks (depending on performance over-all and the team I'm playing) and almost always play my more defensive minded tactic for the opening few minutes (which includes more defensive set piece instructions), before reverting back to my normal/attacking tactic.

I haven't been noting the difference, but definetely feel it is helping.

p.s. When 1 goal up, I haven't noticed an issue, this may well be something to do with the opposition team talk, but I, obviously, can't be sure.

p.p.s. I don't believe in "super goalies". I tend to find when I'm outshooting the opposition, it's because they are sitting in and many of my chances are long range or my player is surrounded by defenders. The shots statistic can be very mis-leading, the highlights tell a better story.

10-04-2009, 18:07
Thanks for the replies.

I've read other posts about team talks, but it just bugs me that if a team like Arsenal (which I am controlling) require such specific team talk to keep a clean sheet against lowly opponents, then something must be wrong...

By the way I just had a run of three games where all three opposition keepers got MOTM. Won the first one narrowly and drawn the other two.
Come on.