View Full Version : Constant identical wondergoals *player naming*

07-04-2009, 15:54
Has anyone else experienced this? In my 6th season and i'm Portsmouth with 9.3. In a pre-season friendly, Rovin Van Persie scored a goal for me against Bayern Munich where he took the ball from the left wing position, cut inside dribbled past two or three players and getting into the 6 yard box before tapping the ball past the keeper from about 2 yards. What a goal I thought!

Then, about two or three games into the season, I was forced to play Diarra out on the right wing due to injurues. In the second half, he picks the ball up on the right wing, then identicly recreates the Van Persie goal, again dribbling into the 6 yard box and prodding the ball home. Then a couple of games later, he does the same again, only this time the keeper saves diarra's shot but the rebound is tapped in. Then about 5 or so matches later, one of my regens scores the same goal again. I have also in this time had the same build up but the shot has been saved and in my last game, when playing Man City, their right winger scored the same goal against me.

It seams strange to keep scoring the same wondergoal, especially as I hadn't scored a goal like it until this season, then it suddenly keeps repeating. Is it something to do with my change in tactics perhaps, or a bug, or a coincidence?

07-04-2009, 16:03
I've seen quite a few of those type of goals as well, probably 4-5 a season. Players do seem to dribble along the byline too often instead of crossing, for me it's caused by the defence still not properly closing down players in crossing postions. I'm not sure if it a problem with my players, tactics or the ME.

07-04-2009, 16:32
I'm seeing two winger-based goals with regularity since upgrading to 9.3.0:

In one, the winger beats two players to the byline, and dribbles towards the near post. Despite several central defenders and central midfielders rushing back into the six-yard-box, nobody comes out to close him down - perhaps they think the two players trailing after him are enough? - so he cuts diagonally towards the six, then fires home past the keeper.

In the other, the winger cuts inside before reaching the eighteen. Most of the attackers push into the eighteen, and the defenders drop deep. Nobody closes down the winger, as he dribbles all the way past the top of the arc, and then cuts into the box towards what was originally the far post. He is often able to enter the penalty area and shoot before anybody gets to him, and it always draws rave reviews in the commentary.

Like you, I thought "what a goal" the first time I saw each, but I've now seen both several times this season, more often scored for me rather than against me, and its looking more like a ME bug to me than a sweet goal now.