View Full Version : Low Virtual Memory Is it to do with the patch?

princess cow goes quack
02-03-2009, 21:17
I downloaded the patch automaticly through steam. I don't think I hav played the game since the download. When I try to play before i even get to the loading screen an error message comes up saying low virtual memory needs to close program and does. Since I last played I have aslo installed the new windows live messenger beta and installed photoshop onto my computer.

I have tried my virtual page file up to 5000mb like said on this. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=76444

My spec
120GB Hard drive

Do you think it is to do with the patch or my other updates/Installed programs or is my computers spec to low? Is it worth putting in the bugs forum?

If you can help I would really apprecite as I'm sure you know FM is not a game but a commitment. :)