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23-02-2009, 21:29
I am managing Zenit, at the end of the 2nd season I play Spartek away last game, a win or draw hands me the title, a win for them gives it to them.

So we go into the 90th minute at 1-1 when they score and nick the title, I am gutted and to be honest slightly bored after 2 years in the Russian league decide it is time to move on. I apply for the Bordeaux job, the Zenit board get wind of this and offer me an ultimatum, resign to save my reputation or be sacked, so although I would rather stay in a job until being offered a new one I resign.

Ok nothing strange so far, apart from the very next day after my resignation, Zenit offer me the position of manager, why would they demand I resign only to offer me the job again the very next day?

23-02-2009, 21:39
Quite clearly a bug. Not that big a mystery really?

23-02-2009, 22:10
Yeh thats sounds like a bug - this should never happen unless the board suffers from very bad memory loss and/or has taken a blow to the head.

24-02-2009, 10:58
Or maybe after issuing the ultimatum they had a sudden change of heart, realised just how much you'd contributed to the club and that actually they'd been unfair on you and were quite prepared to be the bigger man and admit to their mistake.

What? Don't look at me like that. I'm sure that somewhere in the world there's a football club who's board are decent people rather than just money-grabbing tyrants who sack a manager for the pettiest of reasons and refuse to accept any responsibility for their own actions, instead blaming the club's failing entirely on the manager, even though the poor fellow doesn't even get to have a say in which players are bought and sold and really does nothing more than select the squad and tactics for each match, sometimes not even that.

Glenn Wakeford
24-02-2009, 11:05
Do you have a save game just before that final match, and does this situation recreate?

If so, could you post in our Bugs Forum (http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php?f=107) and upload the save to our FTP? Thanks :thup:

24-02-2009, 13:20
Zenit has extreme short term memory loss!!

24-02-2009, 14:02
Sorry Skorp, already saved over the last save before that. Don't think it was a bug, just one of those silly little things.

24-02-2009, 14:24
there once was a 31 year old koreian in the Koreian U21

24-02-2009, 17:35
Aren't U21 teams allowed one or two players over the age of 21? Or is that just the Olympic teams?