View Full Version : Need help about the preferences of the game...

Marko An.
16-02-2009, 14:22
OK I have asked this question since FM05... and nobody can give me an exact answer... maybe today someone can...

the thing is... in every game since 2005 there are the following:

in "preferences" there is a section called "extra files"... and in them there are two section one is called "extra data files" and "keep players data files"...

in the first one there are "alliteration_adjectives", "board_takeover_valid_types", "board_takeovers", "harchester" and "patch" ...they are all ticked, except the "board_takeovers".

in the second one there is only "harchester" and it's ticked.

Should I leave them as they are, or should I make some changes. What do they mean???

So... what do you think/suggest...?

16-02-2009, 14:28
The Harchester one is left over from the version of the game that included them, it is completely useless in this game.

Marko An.
16-02-2009, 14:54
ok... i know that (about the Harchester ones)... i know that it should be ticked so they won't appear in the game...

basically want to know about the "board_takeovers" and "board_takeovers_valid_types" ...first one is unticked, second one ticked...

So... should I leave them as they are... or should they be both ticked? ...and what do they mean exactly?

Marko An.
16-02-2009, 15:03
come on guys, i need this answer fast... cause I am here only for an hour...