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  1. AI Experiment - what would happen if?
  2. [FM2007] San Marino "double" Challenge
  3. Sign-Up Vacancies
  4. The Commentators Curse: Volume 1 ‚€“ The Battle of the ‚€˜stans‚€™ (Holiday / Sign Up
  5. Create a Striker and Score Goals for a Small Country
  6. The *official* Challenges / Sign-Ups / Holiday Games Awards - Voting Deadline 12th October 20:00 2007
  7. dafuge's FM08 small club to big club challenge
  8. Evertonblokes Round the World Challenge
  9. Gundo's FM08 Small club from a small nation European adventure challenge
  10. foxmad's 'Around the World in 80 Days' challenge
  11. iseemonsters' FM08 Small club to big club South American challenge
  12. FM08's My Big Fat Goalie can score more than yours...
  13. International challenge
  14. Bamble's new and improved OOTP Baseball style League for FM08!!
  15. Challenges / Sign-Ups / Holiday Games ideas thread.
  16. AI Experiment - Birth of a New Nation
  17. San Marino "double" Challenge 2008
  18. The 200 Season Experiment
  19. Murrayzoster's Old Firm Take Them To The Top Of The World Challenge (FM 08)
  20. January Challenge - Sport Boys
  21. The Bootroom 2008 Big Challenge - Meon Valley
  22. February Challenge - African Warriors
  23. The Danny Roberts Challenge : Difficulty GODLIKE (Part 2.)
  24. G-14 versus the European Club Association
  25. Ridleys' Create a Club Sign-up
  26. The Eurovision Striking Contest - The Battle Begins!
  27. The FM08 Career Thread
  28. Unrealgods small club to big club challenge:Scotland
  29. Welcome to Gambler's End - the home of Sporting Lisburn
  30. The Premiership Predictions league
  31. JoseRR's FM08 Small Club to Big Club From a Big European Nation Challenge
  32. The "it could be you... who's crap!" sign up
  33. Scouting Knowledge Challenge - All Eyes and Ears
  34. March Challenge - Busan Transportation Corporation
  35. Dave's Hall of Fame Challenge.
  36. The Challenged Forum's Fantasy Football
  37. Scotty's Immediate Regen Sign Up and Experiment
  38. Gypsum's conference wonderkids Sign-up
  39. Challenge Kipfizh (March)
  40. Ridleys Premiership Club Sign-up - You're The Main Man
  41. Manchester United Crisis Zone!!
  42. Managerial Reversal
  43. Challenge: Weak-Wimbledon in the Premier League! Will they survive?
  44. Paul Wallace - the manager, a man possessed (the interactive small-to-big club story)
  45. Wallace v Roberts - the striking legends small to big club North v South face-off
  46. Cove Bay Pirates/STI v. City Merchants/NTI - The Ultimate Rivalry - This Time It's For Real!!!
  47. April Challenge - Almirante Brown
  48. FM08: A Race Odyssey
  49. Mechanics of Manager Reputation
  50. Revolution in the land of the Llamas - There is always a positive side to being under a dictatorship!!
  51. AI Experiment Good v Bad
  52. Ultimate European Club League Preditions
  53. FMS Challenges - Game Discussion Thread
  54. Lincs and Humber database Signup- Immingham
  55. African Striker Competition- Let the Games Begin
  56. Barcelona Academy Challenge
  57. Britain and India Challenge
  58. The 20 Teams and 20 Seasons Challenge/Sign Up (Not like any before) (I think)
  59. Make the AFC youth bigger than the original Challenge.
  60. Oceanian Strikers Challenge Mk II - A New Era Begins
  61. The New Zealand Challenge
  62. The Academic Resurgence of Man Utd
  63. AI Experiment - Best Club, Worst Manager
  64. Sign-Up: 5 years on loan.
  65. Mod Requests
  66. The Regens of Regensburg
  67. Four Clubs - Board Experiment
  68. Celtic demoted to Div 3
  69. Arsenal all the way to Glory: An Experiment with a New Way of Using Assistant Managers in FM
  70. Win as much as you can Challenge
  71. A Unique challenge - Lead The Amateurs to Champions League Glory
  72. The Great Escape Challenge
  73. The Purity Of English Football Challenge
  74. AI Experiment - Luxembourg's Rise & Fall?
  75. Recky_D's Monitor Your Progress Sign Up
  76. New Dawn in a New Land Challenge
  77. AI Experiment: The Gregos United Story
  78. A Quick Guide to the FM08 Challenges
  79. The Premiership Draft Thread, sponsored by the Magic Sponge, Bargain Hunting and Sheer Blind Luck
  80. Sir Bobby Robson Challenge
  81. FM08 For Club and Country Challenge
  82. The All American Managerial Contest *Where Block Voting is highly encouraged*
  83. For the glory of a small nation challenge
  84. FMO8 A New World -- Sign Up, AI Experiment & Challenge All In One !!!!!
  85. 6+5 Challenge
  86. AI Experiment - The Welsh Premier League...INVADED!
  87. Harpenden Town - Lead a small club to glory!
  88. The National Team club challenge
  89. Be The King of International Management
  90. Disharmony FC - a story of love and hate
  91. The Terry Venables Challenge (New and Improved)
  92. first ever sign up/experiment.
  93. Your Club, Your Life, Your Time! Sign-up
  94. The GOAL challenge
  95. FMF FC Signing Up Has Completed.
  96. Euro Glory - The Ultimate Challenge
  97. Euro Fantasy League
  98. The Legends Challenge, Chapter One: Sir Alex Ferguson
  99. Denmark Superleague- the football's IPL
  100. Euro 2008 Austria & Switzerland task.
  101. Another "team from scratch" challenge
  102. SMSL's "Football Chairman 08" small club to a big club challenge!
  103. SMSL's "National Pride Challenge" (small to big club)!
  104. The Impossible chalenge
  105. The Second Annual Challenges / Sign-Ups / Holiday Games Awards - Discussion Thread
  106. Prove yourself as the World's greatest Manager Challenge
  107. The "It could be you... Who's Crap!" Sign-up - Restarted.
  108. The "It could be your team... Who's Crap!!!" Sign-Up
  109. The New and Improved 20/20 Challenge
  110. It's the £1.86 billion transfer fund challenge
  111. New Fantasy Team
  112. assman your way to glory
  113. Spanish Football: The Revelation
  114. Destroy the world's greatest team ever challenge
  115. The Anti-Nationalist Challenge
  116. England nationality challenge
  117. fmfan08's SEGA Championships! Sign up and Compete!
  118. World Goalkeeper Sign-up
  119. The Danny Roberts Off Topic Thread
  120. International Competition with a Twist Sign-Up
  121. fmfan08's SEGA CHAMPIONSHIPS! It's Here & Support your team!
  122. Youth Player Project - Sponsored by Dafuge's Challenge
  123. FA plans potential experiement
  124. The Apprentice: Football Manager Edition -- Sign-up Thread
  125. The Apprentice: Football Manager Edition
  126. Danny Roberts vs Paul Wallace
  127. ssestig's superleague sign-up
  128. Frazza Pee's CL in every continent challenge
  129. The Big Club to Small Club Challenge
  130. scottish second division challenge
  131. World Striking Contest
  132. WW's Director of Football Challenge
  133. The CSE European Championships
  134. World Football Manager 2008 Tour
  135. University challenge
  136. FM08 - Gone in 20 Seconds - The Short Challenges Thread
  137. Separation - Mallorca and Ibiza split from Spain!
  138. The Eindhoven Challenge
  139. The Ultimate Defensive Partnership
  140. super_lampard's Champions League Sign-Up
  141. The FM08 Records Thread
  142. Separation - Mallorca and Ibiza split from Spain!
  143. Englands underdogs sign-up
  144. Expanding the challenges forum to cover all save game discussion - opinions please
  145. The Arsenal FC regens sign-up
  146. The Ultimate Defensive Partnership
  147. Can YOU become the most expensive player (AI/Sign Up Experiment)
  148. Welcome to the Challenges, Sign Ups and Experiments Forum
  149. Starting/Taking Part in a Challenge
  150. Starting/Taking Part in a Sign-up
  151. Can YOU become the most expensive player - Part 2 - Reports (Ai Experiment Part)
  152. Football: The Future
  153. The Career Thread - big club edition
  154. England 2207: 200 Years Later
  155. The Challenges / Sign-Ups / Holiday Games Awards - Voting Closes August 18th at 22:00
  156. A Quick Guide to AI Experiments
  157. Official Football Manager 2008 competition
  158. Can you be the man of FM08?
  159. A Football Manager 2008 Experiment: The Quality of 8.0.2 Regens
  160. Chews United - THE ULTIMATE FANTASY TEAM CHALLENGE 8.0.2 Patch
  161. Sign up **Scottish Non-League**
  162. Fixing the Flaws with the Gundo Challenge
  163. Welcome to the Dragon's Den
  164. Local Club for Local People....
  165. Rise of the Dragon- the Welsh Super League- Sign up-thread
  166. Welcome to the Dragon's Den - the Chairmen's battle to the top of Scottish Football
  167. Rise of the Dragon - The Welsh SuperLeague
  168. Little experiment with Latvian teams
  169. Do Birds of a Feather Flock Together? (AI Experiment)
  170. It's Back...Pluckaduck's All American Managerial Contest-- SIGN-UP
  171. An International Sign Up
  172. Adam Cís International European Managerial Contest -Signing Up -
  173. Do Manager wages matter? A short experiment.
  174. Adam Cís International European Managerial Contest - It Begins...
  175. Euro 2008...OOTP Style!
  176. How does this sound for a new challenge
  177. AI Experiment - an extreme league in an ordinary world
  178. The Second Annual Challenges / Sign-Ups / Holiday Games Awards Tonight at 21:00
  179. The Challenges / Sign-Ups / Holiday Games Awards Ceremony
  180. The Lisbon Lions Challenge
  181. Roberto922s Survivor: FM Edition Sign up
  182. The X Factor Ė FM Edition, Series 1
  183. Pluckaducks All-American Managerial Contest**Lets get CRACKING!!!**
  184. Create a Striker - Strengths and Weaknesses
  185. A Quick Guide to the Sign-ups
  186. The CSE Forums Football Manager Fantasy Football
  187. Experiment - Superstars in the BSN/BSS: who carries a team hardest?
  188. The Rebirth of Fmfan's Sega Championships Sign up! Pick your team now!
  189. The Lord Of The Rings Challenge
  190. Let's make South Africa the most high-profile league in the world!
  191. PH71's Cool Runnings Challenge
  192. Roberto922s Survivor: FM Edition
  193. The X Factor - FM Edition, Series 1 Ė So, Do You Have The X Factor?
  194. It could be you... who's crap. Sign-up page (again)
  195. ssestig's superleague: the league itself!
  196. Arkitekt's Betting Shop
  197. Premier League Offline Competition
  198. Heaven and Hell - An Experiment in the Behavior of Chairmen
  199. A New League, A New Country
  200. The Braintree Town Experiment
  201. It Could Be You... Who's crap. It's here (again)
  202. The Tight Chairman
  203. Sega Championships Are Here! Support Your Team!
  204. AI Experiment - If Every League was as Important as the Champions League
  205. Three months with a scandinavian blonde?
  206. A new World question
  207. Thought I saw a challenge, help a newbie
  208. Northern Ireland Provisional Challenge
  209. rancer890's FM08 Small club from an Asian Country adventure challenge
  210. Create your own player
  211. Your the boss! - A combined effort
  212. Aston villa challange
  213. Who 2 be in Fm2009????
  214. The 20/20 challenge returns
  215. You're The Manager
  216. Another AI experiment...
  217. FM08 Challenge: Attempting The Impossible
  218. Can the 'lesser' nations of Europe compete in a league situation? - AI Experiment
  219. Create A Player - All playing for the same team (sign up page)
  220. The Luton Revival - Sign up.
  221. Europe's Top 12 Leagues - Challenge
  222. Forum youth team - sign up
  223. AI experiment. The money has gone
  224. I'm A SI Forummer... Get Me Out Of Here!
  225. Ai experiment. England in debt
  226. European Experiment + Sign Up
  227. Resurrecting 80's Glory Challenge
  228. AI Experiment - A Whole New World...
  229. AI Experiment - 3 Extreme Players!
  230. New Eu Sign Up; Proto
  231. The Mega Super League - Sign-up/Experiment
  232. The Mole, Sign-Up Stage
  233. The Mole
  234. The GB Challenge
  235. Club Wisdom - Sign Up
  236. FM08 Challenge - Trophy Kings -The Ultimate Challenge!
  237. Survivor: FM Edition
  238. The Another Rich Clubs Thread
  239. Great British League
  240. Can you help?
  241. Real Short challenges
  242. AI Experiment - The Youth Academy
  243. League Reputation Experiment
  244. FM08 Challenge: New League
  245. Premier League experiment
  246. Revenge of the Continents - How would clubs from other continents perfom in Europe?
  247. Repost: carrying on the extreme league experiment.
  248. i want a challenge
  249. Challenge
  250. FM09 Demo challenges